♫ All We Are Saying…♪

♪ Is give peace a chance… ♫

PressTV via Gateway Pundit:

Afghan media reports say the United States is in contact with the Taliban in Qatar to persuade the militant group to sit at the negotiating table with the Afghan government.


The Taliban have repeatedly refused to negotiate directly with the Western-backed government of President Hamid Karzai, demanding that any negotiations be held between the militants and the United States.

This is Brilliant! Who could have expected President Obama to have tricked these cutthroat heathens into negotiating peace with the world’s lone superpower!

We, the “loyal opposition” in the United States want to warn the Taliban, tho. Obama doesn’t negotiate. Except when it comes to women negotiating with terrorists.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday said a peaceful resolution to the Afghan conflict would remain President Obama administration’s first option.

Is it just me, or does it seem the Tal-e-bahn refused to negotiate with Hillary? As soon as John Kerry takes over they decide to negotiate. Naw, couldn’t be. I mean it’s not like sending a gay ambassador to a Muslim country, or something.

Naw, Hillary was just tired. She has a lot of miles on her.

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