Note to President Payback: How George W. Bush Took it To the NORKS, The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,12-21-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

Note to President Payback: How George W. Bush Took it To the NORKS
The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,12-21-14

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If anything captures the state of a hobbled, declining America under President Payback, it is this headline from Friday’s Wall Street Journal story about the cyber-terrorist attack by the North Koreans on Sony Pictures: “U.S. Struggles for Response to Hack.” The story goes on to quote another hack, Obama spokes imbecile, the inappropriately named Josh Earnest, saying that the Regime is seeking a “proportional” response.

History has shown that the Obama administration has a very twisted and skewed view of proportionality. Five Islamofascist terrorists for 1 deserter. Three citizens of a brutally repressive regime that harbors American fugitives who killed Americans, one of the three convicted of attempted murder, in exchange for an American hostage whose crime was trying to help the Cuban people get on the internet. A junk-science based “climate change” agreement with China, in which the U.S. agrees to strangle its economy by reducing its carbon emissions by at least 26% from 2005 levels, and the Chinese agree to a “target” of getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources by around 2030, maybe, if they feel like it. China builds one coal burning power plant a month, while Obama’s war on coal has destroyed jobs and economic growth in some of the poorest regions of America. Just one month after this “historic” agreement, we learn about the North Korea cyber attack, an event that could not have been accomplished without the assistance of the Chinese.

In the face of all this chaos, Barack Obama strode to the podium on a Friday afternoon to put on a clinic on delusion and disconnection from reality, just before jetting off to a 17-day Hawaiian vacation. And just in case you think that America isn’t a racist country, the Obamas would have had a 30-day vacation if they were white, or at least they think so, based on their latest recounting of the times they were recipients of hideous, ugly racism. Incidents include the time, according to Michelle, that someone at a black tie event asked Barack to get coffee. (Was that Bill Clinton by any chance?) Then there was the time someone asked the 5’11” Michelle for help getting a container of laundry detergent off a high shelf in a discount store, subjecting her to the humiliation of being mistaken for some peasant who works at Target. As if!

During his presser, Obama also took the opportunity to stoke the fires of racial division, mentioning America’s legacy of Jim Crow, which is actually a legacy of his democrat party. The very next day, a wacko who broadcasted his intent to kill some police officers on social media, made good on his threat executing two New York City officers in cold blood as they sat in their squad car. If this nut hadn’t then killed himself, he might have been able to join his fellow cop killer Joanne Chesimard in Fidel’s island paradise.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

How the Bush administration took it to the North Koreans, demonstrating how pathetic the Obama administration’s lame approach really is

The proof that Barack Obama has been lying (AGAIN), this time about his lawless use of executive actions to do an end run around Congress, and the man who gave him the idea

The American fugitives currently harbored by the Castro brothers, and the Americans they murdered

Irony in Action: Gun control referendum passes, but no one can figure out how to enforce it. Hilarity ensues.

And lots more, of course, including any breaking news.

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