Rush Calls a Slut a Slut. Left Goes Bananas

Yesterday, after Rush Limbaugh harkened back to the good old days when young women understood the importance of protecting their virtue, the Left put on a clinic in Stage 2 of the Three Stages of Arguing with Liberals, Feigned Outrage. Here’s a little segment from Rev. Al’s MS-NBC show, featuring Left Coast harridan Sen. Barbara “Call Me Senator, You Military Pig” Boxer.

Insulted and hurt every woman in America? Uh, no, Barbara. Only the sluts who expect the rest of us to pay for their birth control products so that they can engage in incessant recreational sex, and who are so lazy, or so stupid that they pay over $80 a month for something that they can get at their local Targets for $9 a month. You’re right, Senator, an overwhelming majority of American womenhave used contraception, often within marriage and at our own expense. Here’s an idea for you, Sandra. Get the guys you’re banging to pay the $9 a month. If you split it up among all of them, they should each only have to pay about 30 or 40 cents a month.

I can speak as one woman. I will not stop listening to Rush because not only is he informative and entertaining. He’s right again.

As previously noted, when Medicare-eligible Andrea Mitchell acted shocked when Foster Friess told a joke on her show about contraception that almost certainly heard in junior high, it is hilarious to watch these women of, shall we say, a certain age pretend that they don’t remember the good old days when society promoted sexual abstinence before marriage and condemned sex outside of marriage. Please, liberals, don’t waste your time, your condescending remarks and your feigned outrage on me. I know that people back in the day had sex outside of marriage. The difference was that then there was a stigma attached to having children outside wedlock, and that stigma was good for kids and good for society. In the late 1960’s, a few bitter, miserable women, enraged by their failure to succeed in traditional society, were able to leverage their positions in academia and media into powerful platforms. They used these platforms to convince young women that “liberation” meant hitting the sheets with as many guys as possible and that, for women, traditional marriage was legalized slavery. Now that point of view has become the official politically-correct point of view among those living in the parentheses on both coasts.

After Rep. Darryl Issa refused to let Nancy Pelosi, Carolyn Maloney, Barbara Boxer and the rest of the coven of Congressional liberal hags to hijack a hearing about the Obama Regime’s stomping all over the Constitution AGAIN, this time the First Amendment, they decided to hold their own hearing, featuring their star witness, Sandra Fluke. From MS-NBC:

Fluke, a third-year law student, said that Georgetown Law, a Jesuit institution, does not provide contraception coverage in its student health plan and that contraception can cost a woman more than $3,000 during law school. She spoke of a friend who had an ovary removed because the insurance company wouldn’t cover the prescription birth control she needed to stop the growth of cysts.


Ah, yes, “a friend.” Liberals have a lot of “friends,” most of them imaginary. At least Chuck Schumer admitted that the two average Americans that he wrote about, the Baileys,  like the ones Mitt Romney cannot possible relate to, were imaginary. As you read above, Ms. Fluke described the horrors of her personal denial of “access” to birth control, as in having to pay for it herself. Oh the humanity!

Once again, Rush is right.


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