Follow the Money: Bank Records Show $28,500 Deposit to San Bernardino Terrorist 2 Weeks Before Shootings

As always, follow the money. So much for the “disgruntled employee” who snapped at the “holiday party” BS.

From Fox News terrific Catherine Herridge:

A $28,500 deposit was made to Syed Farook’s bank account from on or about Nov.18, some two weeks before he and his wife Tashfeen Malik carried out the San Bernardino massacre, a source close to the investigation told Fox News Monday.

Investigators are exploring whether the transaction was a loan taken out by Farook, who with his wife killed 14 and wounded 21 when they opened fire at a holiday lunch. He earned $53,000 a year with the county as an environmental health inspector. Investigators are also exploring the possibility that a subsequent cash withdrawal was used to reimburse Enrique Marquez, the man who bought the two AR-15 semiautomatic rifles used in the San Bernardino shootings. Marquez, who could be charged, especially if it is determined that he illegally modified the weapons, is now reportedly answering investigators’ questions.
“Right now our major concern at the FBI, the ATF, and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) is determining how those firearms, the rifles in particular, got from Marquez to Farook and to Malik,” assistant special agent in charge with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, John D’Angelo, told reporters in California Monday.

The deposit came via Utah-based, which describes itself as “a leading provider of national consumer and commercial private-label and bank card financing programs” on a nationwide basis. On or about Nov.20, Fox News is told Farook converted $10,000 to cash, and withdrew the money at a Union Bank branch in San Bernardino. Afterwards, in the days before the shooting, there were at least three transfers of $5,000 that appear to be to Farook’s mother. (emphasis mine) 

As I told you on last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I wasn’t buying for 5 seconds that Syed Rizem Farook’s mother didn’t know about her son and daughter and law’s bomb factory.

Why would Farook withdraw $10,000 in cash, a transaction that requires federal reporting requirements? And why didn’t that raise a red flag to watch this guy? Or does that requirement exist only to facilitate IRS confiscation?

And one more question: where are those two propagandist fools, the attorneys for the Farook family, who put on that bizarre spectacle last Friday to comment on this news?



  1. Mommy knows nothing, or some sort of B.S. Maybe Syed told her he was building toys for tots.

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