What the Fluke? Rush Apologizes for Slut Remark About Dem Activist: Show Notes, 3/4/12

Rush Limbaugh Issues a Rare Apology

Last week the radio legend apologized for referring to leftwing activist/operative masquerading as an innocent law student Sandra Fluke (rhymes with WTF) as a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Regardless of whether those words apply, here are some that definitely do: “moocher” “shill” “liberal activist,” who is suddenly 30 years old, not 23, and who deliberately attended Georgetown so she could challenge the Catholic university’s policy on paying for contraceptives and abortifacients. So many questions:

  • Why is the word “slut,” which is often used as a badge of honor by feminists during their “slutwalks,” suddenly an horrific insult?
  • Should Rush have apologized?
  • Why did he do it?
  • Are you upset with Rush for playing into the Left’s hands by allowing the public debate to be, not about the actual issue of the coercion required to implement Obamacare, but the phony issue of “access to contraception?”
  • Is Barack Obama really sure Sandra Fluke’s parents’ are proud of her for publicly demanding that others pay for her contraception? If I had done that while in law school, my dad would have killed himself, or killed me, or both. I know he doesn’t want Sasha or Malia “punished” with a baby, but seriously?

A Statement from Rush – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Limbaugh apologizes for making slurs about Georgetown student – Washington Times


Rush apologizes, who will be next? – Illinois Review

SlutWalk rallies to give voice to sexual assault victims | The Daily Texan

SlutWalk Tampa September 17, 2011

I share my experience in terrestrial broadcasting, in which it didn’t escape my attention that those who say the most outrageous things seem to have very successful careers in that medium. Did it hurt Howard Stern? Michael Savage?

Hear what our smart callers had to say about that.

Are you a closet Romney suppporter?

Not surprisingly, Ms. Fluke is Chris Matthews’ new crush, and, yes, Chris, she is getting the Anita Hill treatment, as in, since the Left cannot win in the arena of ideas, they resort to character assassination and intimidation to silence their opponents.

Producer Thomas wonders if Bill Clinton has called her yet.

At least Obama has his priorities straight

Obama to Hit a Fund-Raising Milestone – NYTimes.com

Obama Hits 100th Fundraiser on $5M New York City Haul – ABC News

The stunning death of Andrew Breitbart, and the three lessons we can learn from his short, but very effective, life

MUST HEAR: Newt takes it to NBC’s David “Howdy Doody” Gregory on “Meet The Press.”

Critiquelator’s report on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into B. Hussein’s eligibility to hold the office of President.

Mouchelle Update: Race-obsessed Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell explains that before the First Klingon arrived on the scene, black women couldn’t feel completely comfortable being themselves.

2nd Amendment Update

Five year-old draws a picture of her dad shooting monsters and bad guys in school. Dad ends up hand-cuffed and strip searched. Coming soon to the U.S.?

IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners’ Lobby Day) is this Wednesday, March 7. With 2 very anti-freedom, anti-2nd amendment bills currently before the Illinois legislature, we need to have our voices heard

Arrested dad wants answers after daughter draws gun pic | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

House panel approves handgun registration, ammo tax bills – .Polls – bnd.com

Beiser slams gun control bills | gun, illinois, chicago – The Telegraph

Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day 2012

Terror at the Gas Pump

On ABC’s “This Week,” Sleazy Obama mouthpiece David Axelrod lies about domestic energy production and says that “of course” the Regime wants lower oil prices. Really? Then why did its Secretary of Energy, just like week, say that was not their goal? Should Chu be fired?

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  1. I am still waiting for someone, anyone, to apologize to Sarah Palin or Bristol Palin for referring to them as a slut. Why is it an egregious and unforgivable insult only when Rush uses the term?

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