Pinal County, AZ Sheriff: Obama Border “Wide Open”

Not exactly a news bulletin that border is wide open, but the 10,000 “children” in the last two months?

During an appearance on Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox Business Channel on Monday, Pinal County, AZ Sheriff and Congressional candidate Paul Babeu stated “just the last two months alone, we’ve had 10,000 unaccompanied juveniles” who are “staying here” and that “the Obama administration says the border is wide open, that there is no law it comes to immigration.”

The best part of Sheriff Babeu’s appearance is the very end in which he states that “the rule of law is the foundation of who we are as Americans,” which is especially refreshing after hearing B. Hussein endlessly pitch his “remade” America, including his lawless amnesty and Muslim refugee invasion, by sanctimoniously claiming that opposing them is “not who we are.” Wrong, Jackass. You are the poster boy for what the Founders warned us against. 


  1. Obama and the Cloward-Piven plan in action. $19T and mushrooming. Congress made up of all Dempublicans. The color is Purple, a merging of Red and Blue. And, we the taxpayer get screwed. Debt and criminal acts against us. Top it off with a rush to disarm us.
    Why Obama says ISIL vs ISIS clearly defines the plan to wipe Israel and us OFF THE MAP. Remember, we are now getting the flesh eating virus brought to us!!

  2. How many of the unaccompanied juveniles are gang members age 16 and older?

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