Iran Backs ISIS and Hamas Terrorists Who Planned Netanyahu Assasination

Iran is the terrorist-enabling country that Barack Obama is hell-bent on making into a regional power. Israel is one of the United States’ oldest allies. So, of course, you know whose side he’s on.

From The Washington Times:

As the Obama administration pushes full-tilt to complete the nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran that will allow the Islamic Republic to acquire nuclear weapons a few years down the road, Israel has found out what Iran will do with the billions it stands to receive under the internationally negotiated agreement. Multiple Hamas terrorists, along with one that supported ISIS, were indicted in Israel this week for attempting to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by placing an explosion under a stage where he was scheduled to speak in Tel Aviv. Iran supports Hamas in the Gaza strip and analysts believe is supporting ISIS in the Sinai against the Egyptian government as well. Hamas has been sheltering ISIS leaders in Gaza from Egyptian security forces. The terrorists also had plans to use suicide bombings to kill innocent Israelis.

Hazem Ziad Amran Sandouqa, a 22-year-old resident of Jerusalem’s Old City, and Fahdi Daoud Muhammad Abu Qaian, a 19-year-old Bedouin Israeli from the Negev, planned, along with Hamas activist Ahmad Jamal Mousa Azzam, 24, to plant explosives in the Jerusalem Payis Arena at a time when Netanyahu would be scheduled to speak at the site, Ynet reported.


It is disgusting, but not at all surprising, to see Obama’s “tilt” toward Iran. (We explained his master plan nearly a year ago here, here,  and on The Teri O’Brien Show.) Think about it. Who’s side do you think young Obama, steeped in anti-Americanism and a belief in the unredeemable racism of the U.S., from birth by his beatnik, atheist, anti-capitalist mother, his communist father (either Barack Obama Sr or Frank Marshall Davis, take your pick) and his goofball grandfather, during the Iranian hostage crisis? C’mon, you know that when he saw “Argo,” he was cheering for the Iranians. He still is.

We can’t get this Marxist jackass out of there fast enough, Patriots.


  1. Obama is a Sunni Muslim. Iran is a Sunni based Islam nation. Obama has no regard for Congress and the Constitution. The DOJ and DHS are his Stasi. America is the target of his wrath. We need to pay for the sins that he has in his delusional mind.

  2. Of COURSE he does! He has been a Jew hater for decades. You don’t sit in “Rev” Wright’s church for 20 years if you aren’t. That screeching anti-American, anti-Semite never hid where he was coming from. Don’t you wish the L.A. Times would release, once and for all, that 2003 video of Obama praising Khalidi, Arafat’s mouthpiece? It’s ridiculous! And tonight, he’s having some of the charming folks form CAIR aka Hamas at the State of the Union.
    Tell me something, if you know. How can any Jewish person have supported this clown?

  3. Answer: Debbie Wasserman Schultz worships him, the Messiah. DWS is also doing everything she can to guarantee HRC to follow in his footsteps. Just look at NYC with a heavy Jewish population electing DeBlasio, another Commie/Socialist.

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