15 year old Adrian Jerry Gonzales aka “A.J.” charged with murder of 8 year old Girl: DREAMer or Anchor Baby?

Perhaps he is neither a DREAMer or an anchor baby, but the fact that none of the media reports about this vicious crime mentions anything about his legal status is red flag.  And yes, Santa Cruz is a “sanctuary city.”

From the San Jose Mercury News:

A.J. Gonzalez, a 15-year-old boy from Santa Cruz, has been charged as an adult for the killing, sexual assault and kidnapping of 8-year-old Madyson Jordan Middleton.

Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeff Rosell said the severity of the case, in which Maddy, according to the charging document was tied up, beaten, strangled, raped, killed and dumped in a garage recycling bin, merited a charge in superior court rather than juvenile court.

“We’re confident in the charges we filed and that’s what justice demands,” Rosell said, crediting law enforcement for the quick resolution of the case.

Rosell said, “I can’t remember any 15-year-old with these specific charges” that include six felonies, among them murder, forcible rape, great bodily injury and kidnapping by lying in wait.

Please let us know anything that you find out about this story. We will be monitoring it, and reporting what we find out here.

Prayers and deepest sympathy to the family of Madyson Middleton.


  1. Here’s your answer regarding the 15 yr old killer’s city of birth, parents, etc.

    • Thanks, May. So, according to the story, AJ was born in the sanctuary city of Santa Cruz; however, the details of his parentage remain a tad fuzzy. “When (Reggie)Factor (AJ’s mother) was in her 20s, she met a man from Santa Cruz or Santa Clara county while living in her native Philippines, Jovich said. He brought her to Live Oak” He brought her? Under what auspices? Legally? Then we learn “Factor met Abraham Lomeli Gonzalez, who was born in Mexico, and together they had A.J. in October 1999.” Gonzales was born in Mexico. Was he here legally? If not, bingo–anchor baby. Still don’t know the answer, but thanks so much for sharing this story. I really appreciate it.

  2. No, it’s just based on years of experience watching the Lame Stream Media. Time will tell. I said he may not be an anchor baby or a “DREAMer,” but if I’m right, I hope you will apologize for insinuating that I expressed racism. Like all liberals, the media support the open borders agenda, so they don’t want to call attention to the crime and related destruction it’s causing in our country.

  3. Your logic makes no sense. How long did it take the random shooter in San Francisco to be identified as an undocumented citizen who had been deported 5 times? Less than a day!

  4. The Kate Steinle case was a rare example where the media was forced to mention that the perp was an illegal alien. In most cases, they bend over backwards to avoid mentioning it. BTW, educate all of us, please. What exactly is “an undocumented citizen?” Sounds like an oxymoron, or to quote that soundbite I plan on my show, some kind of moron.

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