VIDEO: Loretta Lynch Sues North Carolina & Puts Liberal Insanity on Display

Loretta Lynch’s announcement that the Regime is suing North Carolina was a textbook example of liberal insanity on display.

I learned so much in today watching Obama Regime hack, Eric Holder in a skirt, announce that they are suing North Carolina over their law requiring people to use the bathroom matching the biological gender on their birth certificates.


“North Carolina in direct opposition to federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity?” Are we sure the Civil Rights Act of 1964 addressed “gender identity?” That’s not how I read it. As noted in this post, I doubt that the drafters of this statute had that in mind.

Once again, the Obama Regime is taking a position against law enforcement and public safety, in philosophy and literally, by suing the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. They are also taking a position against education (WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!!!) by suing the University of North Carolina.

Men not being allowed in the ladies’ room is the same thing as segregated schools and Jim Crow laws. Not wanting men in the ladies’ room means we are “turning on our neighbors.” By stating that people with nuts and a johnson must use the men’s room, the STATE is making people “pretend to be something that they are not.” Let that sink in. The people confused about what’s in their pants or under their skirts are not the ones pretending. The STATE is making them pretend by saying that they use the public restroom determined by their biological gender. Get that?

The state of North Carolina is inventing a problem that doesn’t exist, and passing a law that provides no benefit to society. That’s funny. Somehow I think the parents of the girl who found herself being recorded in a Target fitting room by a pervert would disagree.
Men kept out the ladies’ room are kept out because of something that is a “distinction without a difference.” That’s funny. That’s not what I see when they have their pants down!
Men in the ladies’ room is what it means to “move forward.”
Love the boffo ending where the Attorney General goes full Oprah addressing the “transgender community,” and pledges that the Obama Regime will do everything to protect them.
I also love the fact that, according to the AG, the DOJ has spent “many hours” on this case. Your tax dollars at work, Bitter Clinger!

This event was a textbook example of liberal insanity on display. Enjoy!


  1. Yeah, it was pretty bizarre. Even I watched in open mouthed shock, and you know that with what I see every day, I’m pretty hard to shock at this point.

  2. Of course you’re right, Isabel, but that’s not going to happen.

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