Libertarian Gary Johnson: Trump’s Plan to Enforce Immigration Laws is “Insane”

Why do you think they call it dope? Libertarian doofus former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson holds forth on making it easier for illegals to stay in the country.


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As you well know, there are two things that a country can’t have, assuming it wants to survive, and that’s open borders and a libertarian philosophy. In the person of clueless clown Gary Johnson, we have proponent of both!


Gary Johnson, the likely Libertarian candidate for president, is blasting Donald Trump’s policy on immigration as “insanity,” and positioned himself as a helping hand to those who came here illegally.

Johnson, a former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, is expected to emerge this weekend as the Libertarian standard-bearer.

“Is my door going to be knocked down because I’m going to get checked for papers?” Johnson said while praising undocumented immigrants who are leaders in their communities.

“We’re going to now come in and knock down doors and they’re going to be deported? It’d be like putting them on the moon,” he said from New Mexico.

Johnson accused Trump of spreading “misinformation” about the criminal histories of those who came here illegally, and maintained that many undocumented immigrants fill jobs that Americans don’t want. Johnson largely saluted those workers — calling them “the cream of the crop” — and said he supported making it easier for them to receive work visas and social security cards.

“Insanity comes to mind,” he said of Trump’s proposal.

I’d like to see Gov. Johnson tell the family of Grant Ronnebeck, or any of the families of these victims of an illegal alien murderer, that Mr. Trump is “misinformed.”

This idiocy from Gov. Johnson comes on the heels of his prospective VP, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, telling Jake Tapper last Sunday, that Mr. Trump’s desire to enforce our duly-enacted immigration laws is like Kristallnacht. (Listen here at ~7:00)


Repeating: why do you think they call it dope?


  1. Right you are again Jeff! That’s the problem with the whole Libertarian thing. They forget that if you have a welfare state, someone else has to pay for bad choices or open borders. If you say, “sure you can use addictive drugs, do what you want. It’s none of our business,” that’s fine if we don’t have to pay to feed, house and treat these people, but of course that’s not how it works.

  2. But he’s obviously very enthralled with himself for some mysterious reason.

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