Hillary: I’m a “No Excuse Person” Now Using Colin Powell as an Excuse

If you can find someone less likely to make an excuse than Hillary Rodham Clinton, I’d like to meet that person. OJ, are you taking visitors in prison?

Over the last seven and one-half years, you have often heard me say, after recounting the latest despicable act of blatant straight-faced lying,unrepentant in-your-face lawlessness or brain-dead stupidity in either our political system or our popular culture, “You can’t make this stuff up.” Let’s face it. What I’m really saying is “WTF??” so maybe I should just say that. So, OK, WTF?

Today, as Barack Hussein Obama (Praise be his name), along with his repellant, race-obsessed wife, continues to enjoy his well-deserved reparations, golfing, eating ice cream and riding around with his ridiculous bike helmet, Donald Trump and his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence will visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana, devastated by horrific flooding. It’s difficult to watch the heart-breaking images of the misery, and the inspirational stories of rescue and courage in the face of such suffering, but of course, that’s why you spend the day on the links, right, Barry? You’ve got to wonder what Kanye West, Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann, all of whom ripped President George W. Bush for his Katrina flyover.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is supposedly resting today and tomorrow. Resting? Seriously? Lady, I know that your PR flacks, and by that I mean CNN, the New York Times and the rest of what we laughingly call the “press,” are working overtime to run cover for you, but, despite this fact, people are starting to talk, and statements like the one I’m about to mention are NOT going to help.

From The Free Beacon:

“I want everybody who’s willing to work to be prepared,” Clinton said. “I don’t want excuses. I’m a kind of no excuse person. If you are willing to do the work, I want to make sure that we’ve got an economy that will produce the jobs, and then I want to make four-year college affordable.”

Say what? Hillary a “no excuse” person? This from the woman who blamed her criminal gross negligence that endangered our national security on a “mistake?” The same woman who tried to pass off this clear deliberate outlaw email server scheme to conceal her creation of an underhanded pay-for-play slush fund, which she and her reprobate husband continue to try to pass off as a “charity?” Who blamed the “300 professionals” who didn’t think any of her emails should have been treated as confidential, which on The Teri O’Brien Show we called the “Animal House” defense? The woman who lied to the families of murdered Benghazi heroes about a YouTube video that almost no one saw being the cause of their loved ones’ deaths?

Wait—I’m a regular Ron Popeil today. There’s more, and you really can’t make this up.

The Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton told the FBI the Colin Powell told her to set up her home brew servers!

From Red State:

Hillary Clinton told FBI investigators last month that Colin Powell, another former secretary of state, advised her to rely on a private email address for all her non-classified communications.

The claim was revealed in notes provided to Congress by the FBI this week, according to a report by the New York Times.

Clinton further covers her tracks by making the claim to the author of a book soon to be released about her husband that Powell apparently held court at a dinner party at the home of Madeline Albright in 2009, where he raved about the benefits of using private email.

For his part, Powell denies any knowledge of any sort of conversation.

The mainly classified and redacted emails that the FBI have in their possession reveal a chain of communication between Clinton and Powell early on in her stint as Secretary of State, where she questioned him about his email practices.

Now that Congress is about to open another investigation into perjury charges, Republicans are requesting those emails from the FBI.

There is one teensy-weeny problem with this latest lame excuse. Colin Powell doesn’t remember the conversation. There is also a big problem. Colin Powell never set up a private email server on which to conduct State Department business.

WTF? You can’t make this stuff up.


  1. Trying to explain away the death of our ambassador and three others in Benghazi as the result of a cheesy Youtube video sure sounds like an excuse to a bitter-clinger like me. Even more so now that we know that she knew almost immediately that it was a terrorist attack orchestrated to coincide with a date that Islamic terrorists like to commemorate with attacks on the west.

    • And EVERYONE with any knowledge of what happened in Benghazi knew immediately that it was a terrorist attack, including Hillary! No, ESPECIAlLY Hillary! She sent Ambassador Stevens there. She had his schedule on her outlaw server for the bad guys to access. She is a contemptible, congenital liar, even worse than the walking pile of Marxist garbage Barack Obama.

  2. So true, but as you know better than anyone, that won’t stop her and her apologists for trying to come up with more.

  3. Absolutely! There are hundreds of people in prison for doing the things that she did. Bribery? How many local officials are in jail in this country for that! Members of the military who dealt carelessly with classified information? Bingo. Aren’t we sick of the Clintons, and their whole “the rules don’t apply to us” routine?

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