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Special Edition of the Teri O’Brien Show Tonight: Barry/Barack, Dick Whitman/Don Draper?

Mix up that pitcher of martinis, brew up some strong coffee, or just bring a strong stomach as we deconstruct the Dear Reader’s latest bloviation, his campaign speech about Iraq. I predict an orgy of cringe-inducing self-congratulation, in which this narcissistic former affirmative action Ivy League teacher’s pet rewrites history and proudly takes credit for presiding over the Iraq withdrawal ...

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Fear Not, Gen-Xers. Obama Has A Plan for Those Greedy Geezers

Recently I overheard part of a conversation between two women of a certain age. I was able to glean that one of them had just returned from the latest in her Obamaesque never-ending series of vacations, a two-week European odyssey. She was telling her friend about the first conversation she had with her son, an employed father of three young ...

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