2016 Presidential Election was a 2008 Do-Over

Real America showed up and said “Enough!” We want a do-over.


Listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that I am fond of quoting the following statistic about the 2004 election in Illinois: one million people in the Prairie State voted for both George W. Bush for President and Barack Obama for U.S. Senate. What are the takeaways from that statistic? You can probably come up with a few. My primary one is that Barack Obama, and the Left, were successful in deceiving a lot of well-intentioned people into buying what should have been obviously a con. The Barack Obama of the famous 2004 Democrat convention speech, which featured the “no red America, no blue America” was the phoniest, steaming pile of BS ever foisted on good-hearted Americans. For his entire adult life, Barack Obama has been a hard-wired radical leftist with stated hostility to the Constitution. As he has served as president, his contempt for the rule of law has been on disgusting display. Still, many Americans in 2008 were unaware of the truth about him, thanks to the corrupt media, now outed by Wikileaks as an arm of the democrat party. Recall the hilarious exchange between media smarty pants commentators Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose the weekend before the 2008 election. And they were not alone. We had other “smart” stupid people telling us what a terrific president he would be because he had a nice crease in his pants, for Heaven’s sake!

Tuesday’s election demonstrated the eternal truth that the Left relies on creating cults of the personality to distract people from what they plan to do because people don’t want it. Despite Barack Obama’s taking time off, a LOT of time off, from his day job to jet around the country on our dime, screaming at groups of backward children that his precious “legacy” was on the ballot, even telling voters that it would be a personal insult to him if they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Cue the sad trombone. The democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Having taught their emotionally-driven, low-information supporters that a presidential election is as much about public policy as an “American Idol” contest, they found themselves saddled with an extremely uncharismatic, scandal-ridden corrupt politician who had two arguments in favor of casting a vote for her: “Vote for me! I’m a woman!” and “It’s my turn!” Not inspiring stuff, to say the least.

So, I think it would be really interesting to see a study on the percentage of voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and who also voted for Donald Trump last Tuesday. I submit to you that there are many more than you would think, just like in that 2004 Illinois election. These people realize that they were lied to, and they have had enough. The way to understand Tuesday’s election is to look at it as a do-over of 2008, when people thought they were voting for the unifying, high-minded fresh-faced guy from the 2004 convention and they ended up with the most divisive, race-obsessed, ideologically-rid person ever to occupy the Oval Office.

They wondered “what just happened?” Wait-my health insurance premiums were supposed to go DOWN by $2500 a year. You said you couldn’t change the immigration laws without Congress. What do you mean illegal aliens who commit crimes won’t be deported? No, my health insurance policy can’t be cancelled! We paid a ransom to Iran, and gave them billions of dollars on huge pallets of cash delivered in the dead of night? Why? That is just a tiny list of the ways that people who were conned by Barack Obama and his apparatchiks like the sleazy, red-diaper baby David Axelrod felt betrayed by this bunch. And then, here comes Donald Trump.

Let me quote myself from back in March, right here:

 [W]e are connecting some dots here, explaining the reason that so many people are supporting Donald Trump, arguably a bombastic blowhard, who uses gutter language, and who has a history of not only praising democrats, but making campaign contributions to them, and a guy who is—let’s all say it together, shall we?—NO CONSERVATIVE. And I’m here to tell you, especially conservatives, that that fact makes absolutely no difference to many of his supporters.

You plaintively implore “How can anyone who cares about this country support this loudmouth over the articulate, principled conservative Sen. Ted Cruz, a man who not only understands the Constitution as well as anyone in this country, but who has devoted his career to defending it?”

As I said, the answer is simple. Unlike many of you, the vast majority of voters in the United States are not ideological. For many of you, when Sen. Cruz gives a passionate speech, filled with eloquent expositions of Constitutional principles, it is like listening to a favorite song sung by a talented vocalist. You savor every note, and even though you know it by heart, you never tire of hearing it. You could sing it, too, although perhaps not as well. Still, you know and understand the words. You feel them in your bones. You are a true believer, a Constitutional conservative.

Unfortunately, the average voter is not. The average voter says “You see this? (The state of the country embodied by the headlines cited above.) I am voting for not this. I want the opposite of this.”

The people who voted in 2010 and 2014 showed up Tuesday. Real America showed up and said “Enough!”

God Bless America.


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