Lame Stream Media Going Nuts Over Clint Eastwood’s Truth Telling

The Lame Stream Media is going bananas this morning over Clint Eastwood’s performance at the GOP convention last night, characterizing it as “mysterious,” “startling,” “bizarre,” and “a debacle.” They are even lamenting his “off color” jokes. Ed “Right Wing Slut” Schulz over at the 24/7 nuthouse even said it was “demeaning to the presidency.” Why is it that when Rahm Emanuel uses language that would make the proverbial sailor blush it’s considered a humorous and even charming foible, but when Clint Eastwood alludes to the word the Rahm apparently uses 3 or 4 times in every other sentence, it’s horrible offensive? Honestly, the whole selective outrage thing is so transparent and silly at this point. Demeaning to the presidency? Seriously? Have you seen the affirmative-action assisted empty suit occupying the White House now?

It’s clear that Clint was very effective. Otherwise, Lawrence O’Donnell would not have called him the speech a “disaster.” When I heard him say that last night, I turned to the Husband and said “I don’t think that’s what people in Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado and Pennsylvania are saying about it.” It’s a disaster for Obamabots because Mr. Eastwood pointed out that it’s a national disgrace that 23 million Americans are unemployed, mocked  liberal heroes Oprah and Joe Biden, and said plainly and simply that when someone can’t do the job, it’s time to let him go.

See if you agree.

In this excerpt, Clint explains that there are a lot of conservatives in Hollywood, but that we don’t know it because conservatives don’t like “hot dogging” it (unlike certain occupants of the Oval Office and their celebrity friends). He also draws a contrast between 2008’s hopey-changey Grant Park Obama love fest that had Oprah crying and the fact that there are 23 million unemployed Americans. Finally, he reminds of that “someone had the stupid idea of trying terrorists in downtown New York City.”

This is the excerpt that has the horrifying “off color” joke, as well as some very entertaining mockery of Joe Biden, the “intellect” of the democrat party, and the One’s propensity for jetting around the country to perform his patented screeching demagogue routine to crowds of breathless, swooning children on college campuses.

In conclusion, Clint reminds us, simply and plainly, that politicians are our employees, and “when someone doesn’t do the job, you’ve got to let them go,” even if someone is a “nice guy” (or maybe not based on the ads they’ve been running). And yes, he did deliver his iconic line, with the help of the audience.


Thanks, Clint. You made our day!


  1. Thought old Wolf “Blitzkrieg” and his sidekicks, Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan would literally dump in their Depends! It was fun to watch!

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