Dems Setting Up Excuse for Moving the One’s Speech to Smaller Venue

When politicians start declaring that they are 1000% behind something, or that they will deliver with their plans “come rain or come shine,” you know that they are preparing us for what they already know they plan to do. The Obama campaign knows that it’s going to be tough to fill a stadium with 75,000 seats, especially now that the Hope and Change air freshener has worn off and the stench of Chicago politics gets more overpowering every day. So, they’re floating this idea about the weather possibly forcing them indoors to their current location, which seats 20,000. From the New York Daily News:

“[The speech] at the stadium will go forth rain or shine,” pledged Steve Kerrigan, head of the convention, at a Monday morning press conference. But less confident officials also noted that hazardous conditions, such as lightning, could force the speech inside the arena. The weather forecast currently calls for a 40% chance of thunderstorms Thursday evening. If Obama’s speech is moved indoors, there will likely be thousands of disappointed fans, as the Time Warner Arena only holds about 20,000 people – far less than the home of the Carolina Panthers. The move, however, would eliminate the DNC’s challenge to fill the cavernous football stadium. Four years ago, the party had no trouble filling Denver’s Invesco Field. But this year, with enthusiasm surrounding the Obama campaign slightly flagging, there have been concerns that the stadium could be tough to fill. Democrats currently plan to bus in students and volunteers from all over North Carolina to ensure that there are not empty seats during the President’s speech – a visual which Republicans would seize upon.

I’ve got news for them. Many people seized on that visual of those ridiculous styrofoam Greek columns they dragged out in Denver.

An additional benefit for the One and his campaign is that his speech would not be held at a stadium named after an evil corporation.


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