2nd Amendment News: In D.C., One Set of Laws for the Elites, One for You, Peasant

Here we go again: liberals making one set of rules for the little people, while expecting exemptions for themselves.

The Washington Times’ always on target (no pun intended) reporter and columnist Emily Miller tells us about another David Gregory situation in our nation’s capital, a city notoriously hostile to the 2nd amendment. You remember when NBC’s David “Howdy Doody” Gregory, host of “Meet the Press,” willfully violated D.C. gun laws and was not charged because his wife is a high-powered connected lawyer? Now it’s Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Formerly Golden State), also a gun grabber. And, the D.C. chief of police, Cathy Lanier, has been conspiring with DiFi’s peeps to cover it up.

Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier seems to think that gun-control laws don’t apply to the liberal elite. The police chief helped Sen. Dianne Feinstein acquire “assault weapons,” which are illegal to possess in the District, for a news conference early this year to promote a ban on these firearms, then tried to cover up the police involvement.
Now, a response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request reveals Chief Lanier’s shocking willingness to bend the rules for partisan and ideological purposes.

Read the whole piece. It’s worth well-worth your time.


  1. Why is everyone so surprised? Did you not know that our legislators are not bound by the laws they enact (upon the rest of us)? This has been a thorn in my craw for a long-long time and in total opposition to the intent of our Founders! If you are pissed-off by this callous disregard for the law, or simply outraged that you (serf) do not have the same rights under the Constitution as the nobles (the wealthy and politically connected class), then pick up your damn pen, phone, or computer keyboard and contact your Congressman and Senators! Join the Resistance!!!

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