“Anarchists:” The Herd of Independent Thinkers

Here we go. Predictably, Friday’s royal wedding provides another opportunity for the usual motley collection of militant enviro-loons, Maoist trade unionists and enraged, tax-subsidized ingrate slackers who call themselves “students,” and other like-minded parasites who set fires, smash windows and otherwise wreak havoc in the interest of promoting hope and change to act out again as they did last month in London. Then they were seething over proposed cuts in their government checks. No doubt they are still ticked off about that. Or not. Let’s face it. They are always p.o’ed about something. The latest excuse is this wedding.

Their plans for Friday’s protests reflect their usual charming verve, and they are using social networking to make them successful. From the Telegraph U.K.:

[D]etails of the event have been posted by Ms Petal and other supporters on Facebook pages set up by adherents of the anarchist black bloc, which revels in the tactics of violent confrontation with police and was at the forefront of disturbances on the day of the TUC protest, on March 26.

Writing on one of the largest black bloc Facebook pages Ms Petal said: “Please support this event and invite your friends!”

And also:

Several militants and anarchist groups have been plotting to disrupt the wedding celebrations.

Some have boasted of preparing to come armed with masonry hammers to break shop windows, catapults for firing ball-bearings at police horses and smoke bombs.

One group, called Better Dead Than Wed, published details of the route the royal couple will take to and from Westminster Abbey on the UK Indymedia website, with a poster showing hangman’s nooses round the necks of William and Miss Middleton, under the slogan Time to Tie the Knot.

The posting included the veiled threat: “I’m sure the activist community will want to make sure the happy couple remember their special day.

While I appreciate these lovely, creative ideas as much as the next person, I am a tad confused. Imagine that you are an anarchist. You are all about disorder, and challenging, as in giving the finger to, any and all authority.  You are your own person. Screw organization. You want anarchy, damn it! So, what’s up with the “organized” protests? Isn’t an organized protest by anarchists like a convention of married bachelors? Come on, my anarchist friends. Keep it real.


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  1. These self styled “anarchists” are obviously unclear on the concept. I suspect that if any of them ever experienced some genuine anarchy they would quickly grow disenchanted with the idea.
    I would also like to point out that the impartiality of the judge who struck down the California ban on gay marriage is now being questioned, something I did on these very pages right after the ruling and was harshly criticized for by a certain wing nut liberal. I am reassured to see that clearer minds are starting to prevail on the matter. Long live traditional Judeo-Christian marriage!

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