They Are Stealing You Blind: The Teri O’Brien Show, 7/24/11

B. Hussein’s embarrassingly petulant performance at last Friday afternoon’s Unhappy Hour presser, parts of which left many observers wondering if they were watching a president of the United States or one of the Cheerios from “Glee,” whining about her boyfriend’s failure to call her, and hoping that we wouldn’t notice that, for at least the 300th time, he failed to answer the question” what is your plan is to solve the “debt crisis, oh Great One?”

Barry’s press conference featured an episode of “Democrats and Their Imaginary Friends.”

A way that Michelle can help poor, starving Americans

My new nickname for Debbie Blabbermouth Schulz

Michele Bachman’s surprising defender, and an even more surprising fact: I agree with her characterization of Rep. Bachman’s treatment by the LSM and her fellow Republican Tim Pawlenty, who is looking more and more like a milquetoast with every passing day. Note to T Paw: if you are going to talk smack about someone, say it loud, say it proud, and stand by it. Just as “it’s the coverup, not the crime,” the backpedal is worse than the criticism. Makes you look weak, spineless and stupid. George Will agrees that T Paw stepped in it, and Clarence Page reminds us that JFK was “doped up: most of the time.

Sex-crazed wackjob/Oregon democrat congress critter Wu (H/T Mensa for that handle) is not the same guy as Ronnie Woo Woo who used to hang out a Wrigley Field

Special guest Iain Murray of the Competitve Enterprise Institute joins us to discuss his terrific new book, Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off You. Did the City of Los Angeles really spend $1.1 million from Barack’s Stash (aka his ridiculous February 2009 “stimulus” bill) to create 55 jobs? Mr. Murray tells us that indeed they did, and also tells us how some of our money was used to study the size of …shall we say, the “manhood” of homosexuals? And if you can think of a better use for tax dollars, I’d like to hear it.

The story behind the partial shut down of the FAA (short answer: it has something to do with one of the most evil, destructive forces ever to inflict itself on America, Jimmy Carter)

Christiane Amanpour’s odd, even for her, pronunciation of “migraine,” and her even more odd close to an interview with Michael Bloomberg

Author Sally Jacobs agrees with Chris Matthews that Newt and Teri O’Brien Show guest Dinesh D’Souza could not possibly be more wrong about Barack Obama and his anti-colonial anger since his putative father B. Hussein Sr. left after 9 months. Wait a second …what happened to that heart-warming story about the happy, albeit unconventional for the time, little family formed when two college students, one from Africa, and one from Kansas, met in Russian class, married and lived together for two years? In another stunning development, Chris didn’t ask that question. Nor did he remind us, as author/journalist and Teri O’Brien Show guest Jack Cashill has, that in 1960 most typical American college students didn’t take Russian. People like Lee Harvey Oswald did.


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