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This week we’ll be focusing on the most important issue in America, today, the one that has all of her citizens lying awake at night, nervously hoping that their political leaders have the correct answer. No, silly Bitter Clinger, not the genuine misery caused by Obamanomics, which has created the uncertainty and even dread that has terrified potential employers at the mere thought of creating one single job, and has resulted in hemorrhaging of money from our retirement accounts. Instead, we’ll be talking about the views on so-called “same sex marriage” and the “gay lifestyle” held by Iowa Straw poll winner Michele Bachman. From the grilling she received on this morning’s talk shows on this urgent matter from NBC’s David Gregory, it’s obvious that there is no other issue more pressing and more vital to the future of each and every one of us. Partisan hack though he was, this morning I couldn’t help thinking “I do miss the late Tim Russert.” I found it very refreshing during last week’s Iowa debate when Newt Gingrich expressed the disgust that many of us feel over the Jurassic media’s obsession with foolishness when our country is going over a cliff, even if he isn’t really running for president.  I’ll share my thoughts about the debate, and tell why yesterday before the victor had been declared in Iowa, after seeing a brief snippet of the former candidate on ABC, that I knew that T Paw was a dead man walking. I also want to hear from you: now that the field seems to be narrowing, are you supporting a candidate yet? Is Rick Perry the guy who can unite those who have had it with Barack Obama’s incompetence, lack of leadership and big government destruction?  That other Michelle has been keeping a low profile. Perhaps she’s concerned that people are starting to notice that her definition of public service, which previously included “essential” $300,000+ no show gigs obtained through political connections, has blossomed into an endless whirlwind of vacations, celebrity-studded soirèes, and all-you-can-eat rib and lobster fests. As they like to say in Washington, when most of your subjects can barely afford a frozen pizza from Wal-Mart and a movie from the Redbox, the “optics” are very bad, particularly when this week they will be off to spend their third August vacation at one of the ritziest destinations in the world, Martha’s Vineyard and Blue Heron Farm, where they will stay at a compound that rents for $50,000 a week. First, though, Barack is embarking on a pointless bus tour of the Midwest, in which he will no doubt repeat his insufferably predictable script of clichès to audiences of backward children, union members and other shills recruited for the occasion. A suggestion for Barack Obama: The Iowa State Fair will continue until Sunday, August 21, giving you a chance, assuming that Michelle is not around, to sample a variety of delicious deep-fried treats, many on sticks, including my personal favorite, deep-fried butter. Maybe a couple of those will help you feel a bit better about the terrible week you had. If your old lady finds out, though, it might not just be fat kids that she is targeting.
Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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