538’s Nate Silver Predicts Trump Wins Florida

Yep. Nate Silver has been wrong, but I don’t think he is this time.


From The Daily Caller:

Political statistician Nate Silver officially projected that Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the highly influential swing state of Florida, according to an analysis published Sunday.

Trump has a 52 percent chance of winning Florida, compared to only a 48 percent chance for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the polls-only forecast published on 538. Trump made incredible progress in the state, coming up from a 22 percent chance as of Oct. 15. Clinton has fallen from a 78 percent chance of winning the state since Oct. 15.

Trump has been doing much better in the polls, according to 538’s adjusted poll totals. The last two polls included in the analysis show the two candidates tied in the race, with Trump earning as much as a seven-point lead in a series of polls published last week.

As I said on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I don’t pretend to know how the election will turn out, but I do stand by my prediction of a Trump victory.

What do you think? Will Donald Trump win Florida? Will he win the election?


  1. Oh yes. CNN has had the election called for about 2 weeks, Bill. My prediction: Trump wins Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio for sure. Probably also Michigan and I also feel good about Colorado.

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