You Can Take the Agitator Off the Street Corner, but You Can’t Take the Street Corner Out of the Agitator

Somehow we have found ourselves in a Barack Obama, taxes, national debt, Warren Buffet, class warfarebizarro world in which the following can occur:

  • A guy who shoveled a half a billion dollars into the pockets of a political crony to stave off the inevitable bankruptcy of his silly science project of a company, and to various other ratholes with his “stimulus,” can stand up and lecture his fellow citizens on “living within our means.”
  • The same guy, who himself admitted it is wrong to raise taxes during a recession, is insisting on tax increases during what he himself has characterized as one of the worst recessions in American history.
  • In pitching his latest tax-the-rich scheme, this guy names his plan after a superannuated gasbag who obviously feels guilty about having more money than he can ever spend and who whines that he doesn’t pay enough taxes, even as he his company continues to battle the IRS over taxes from the years 2002-2009!

Perhaps, given human nature, it’s not peculiar that these ridiculous events would happen. What’s unnerving is that they can happen without the guy uttering this foolishness being laughed off the stage. In any rational universe, Barack Obama’s latest class warfare statement, issued today, would have been met with derisive chortles and guffaws from serious people, not with the lot of chin-pulling analysis and discussion of the political implications that will certainly result in the next few hours and days.

Of course, the PR flacks in the Lame Stream Media who masquerade as “journalists,” are not serious people, but those of us who are should ask some questions as we evaluate this plan, specifically: Will Barack Obama’s tax increases create jobs and reduce the abysmal unemployment rate? Will they do anything about to increase the value of our houses? Most important, is this rehashed crypto-Marxism about economics or politics? Is Barack Obama more interested in your job or his?

In a moment of candor during the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama admitted that even if reducing capital gains tax rates would increase revenue to the federal treasury, he would oppose doing so because of concerns about “fairness.” Translation: it’s the federal government’s job to take one person’s stuff and give it to those Obama and his friends deem more deserving. You can take the community organizer guy off the street corner, and substitute a TelePrompTer for the clipboard, but you can’t take the street corner out of the guy.


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  1. The indignant rant of Elizabeth Warren is so deeply flawed and riddled with assumptions that it is hard to choose where to begin deconstructing it. She has clearly demonstrated to us all that the class warfare propaganda of the President is deeply etched in her psyche. She assumes that her hypothetical factory building capitalist somehow managed to reach his station in life without participating in the various forms of taxation that we all must endure. Apparently he contributed nothing to the building of the roads that lead to his factory that “all the rest of us paid for”. He also contributed nothing to the public schools that his employees attended and “all the rest of us paid for” (even if his children attended private schools he still had to pay property taxes to support the local public schools). He further somehow managed to avoid contributing anything to the police and fire departments in whose jurisdiction his factory resides. His choice of locations for his factory are somewhat suspect as well due to the apparent presence of roving bands of thugs that “all the rest of us” are paying the police to keep at bay and leave his factory in peace. It would seem to an uneducated dolt like me that this hypothetical factory building capitalist must have paid just as much in taxes that “all the rest of us” have paid and then some. Why then is he obligated to part with even more of his wealth to “pay it forward for the next generation” as Elizabeth Warren insists that he is? Is it simply because he has run his factory successfully and managed to earn a profit from it? How ridiculous!! The saddest part is that she, and so many class warriors like her, really and truly believe their propaganda and allow it to substitute for real economic knowledge. It is amazing that our country is not in worse shape than it is with people like Elizabeth Warren and our President running the show.

  2. I recently had the disturbing experience of hearing the dear reader parrot Elizabeth Warren’s anti-capatilist rant almost verbatim. God help us all!

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