Shades of Obamacare. DHS Admits It’s Not Ready to Secure the Border.

Sen. Rubio, you’re starring in some new ads promoting the “comprehensive immigration reform” that Sen. Schumer is trying to sucker you into getting passed. The voiceover in the ad in which you are featured says that the proposed bill is “bold” “very conservative” and “Border Security On Steroids.” Have you seen this latest from the Department of Homeland Security?

From The Washington Times:

The Homeland Security Department’s auditor will paint a picture Tuesday of agencies not yet ready to administer a massive new immigration bill that would require it to boost border security and weed through petitions from millions of illegal immigrants.
In prepared testimony obtained by The Washington Times, Anne L. Richards, assistant inspector general for audits, will tell the Senate Homeland Security committee that the department has made major progress in the 10 years since it was formed, but there are still many outstanding problems with measuring data and planning for the future.

Gee, problems, you mean problems like the ones mentioned in this story cited in last week’s Show Notes? 

No worries. If this disaster becomes law, we can just rely on Big SIs, or her successors, to exercise the extremely wide discretion she is given to do the right thing. 

Also from the WT article:

The auditor said Homeland Security officials have plans to address many of the shortcomings, but she said “it takes time” to write and implement those plans.

To Sen. Rubio, Sen. Graham, and the other proponents of this mess who say “full speed ahead”, I say “Seriously?”



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