Content of Character? The Left’s Shredding of Dr. King’s Legacy. Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

This week, on the day of the dedication of Dr. Martin Luther King as Mao Memorial, we’ll focus on how the Left his turned his aspirations for a society where the focus is on the content of a person’s character, not the color of his skin, into a bad joke with its poster child America’s first affirmative action president. Candidate Obama surfed a wave of white guilt and ignorance first into the U.S. Senate and then all the way into the Oval Office. Once there, he went about keeping his promise to “remake” America, as in to exact revenge on the evil, racist, imperialistic Amerika that he learned to despise from Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. One key player in that game plan is the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who famously called out his fellow citizens as “cowards” on the issue of race. Now mired in at least two scandals, it’s clear that those who suggested that Mr. Holder should never have been hired in the place were correct. At the time, we summarized our objection to his confirmation with two words: Marc Rich. Mr. Holder displayed the same selective amnesia in the Marc Rich pardon that he’s showing as his coverup of the Fast and Furious debacle unravels. Perhaps he was right about that coward thing. The evidence is that he remains Attorney General.

Last week Congress issued an invitation, also called a subpoena, to Attorney General Holder, offering him the opportunity to explain the following braintwister: Barack Obama mentioned back in March that neither he nor Holder had approved the boneheaded Fast and Furious plan. Two months later, in May, Mr. Holder said he had probably first heard of it a couple of weeks earlier. There’s also the little matter of it being mentioned in 2009 on a Justice Department website. Quite a head scratcher, that presumably can’t be explained by a wrinkle in the time-space continuum. Amazingly, on the day the subpoena was issued, Eric Holder dramatically appeared before the media to announce his department’s crackerjack work foiling an Iranian plot to murder the Saudi ambassador that was straight out of a B-movie. Even more amazing, the hit was supposed to be carried out by …wait for it…a Mexican drug cartel! Mr. Holder didn’t mention whether any of the weapons they planned to use came from Arizona gun stores.

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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