Seven Questions for Proponents of Gang of 8’s Amnesty

There will a motion to proceed vote today in the U.S. Senate on the Gang of 8 immigration (read amnesty) bill, S. 744, and Barack Obama, no doubt displaying one of his many on-off dialects (Don’t you love the way he says “la-TEE-nos” at these photo ops?) will be rallying support today at the White House. So the time has come to ramp up the pressure on senators, particularly those up for re-election from red states, (courtesy of Numbers USA, here’s a link to a page 888# you can use, plus a link to your senators direct lines) to answer some questions; specifically,

Sen. Charles Schumer, author of the bill, has admitted that illegals will not be required to pay back taxes, so why do proponents keep claiming that they will have to do so?

Proponents of this legislation say that illegals will be “required to learn English.” How exactly will that be enforced? Will we have English enforcement officers? Will we refrain from printing ballots and providing government information in languages other than English? If so, what is the effective date of that change?

The bill gives “the undocumented” a new special provisional status. Why exactly are people who broke our laws entitled to special treatment?

As The Hill reports, Rep. Raul Labrador bailed on this proposal.

Labrador told reporters after an hour-long meeting that he was leaving the group because of concerns that the bill would not sufficiently protect taxpayers from footing the healthcare bill of undocumented immigrants.

While Democrats within the group had broadly agreed that immigrants in a provisional status should not receive government subsidies for healthcare, Labrador said they had pushed for too many exceptions in recent weeks for him to support.

“It bothers me that they don’t have to pay for their own healthcare,” he said Wednesday. “I believe they should have to pay for their own health insurance. If they’re going to have the benefit of living in the United States – which is a privilege, it’s not a right – they should provide their own health insurance.”

Is he wrong? How will we prevent those with special provisional status from simply continuing to use emergency rooms as their doctors’ offices?

Speaking of entitlements, recent media reports featured an illegal who has been on public assistance for 20 years, helpfully offering advice to her fellow lawbreakers on how to live on the dime of generous taxpayers. Do you think she’s the only illegal alien on public assistance? If this woman is getting assistance, despite being here illegally, what is to stop those with a special provisional status from doing so?

How does legalizing a minimum of 11 million low-skilled people help American citizens prospects for better wages in this limping economy?

Why exactly can’t we just enforce our laws?

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