Obama’s Ongoing Lying Shucking and Jiving-The Teri O’Brien Show-8-11-13

What a week! After performing some well-rehearsed schtick with infomercial host Jay Leno on Tuesday night, our Dear Reader ended the week with a gut-busting comedy routine performed in front of an audience of East Coast brain rot afflicted acolytes who managed to do what I thought was impossible; that is, repress the laughter that this routine had to inspire in any intelligent, well-informed observer. Maybe I just swerved into something. “Intelligent, and well-informed observers” would realize how ridiculous what Barack Obama was saying was, and we’re talking the White House press corps here. What was the most hilarious thing that Obama said? When he said he was already fixing that pesky NSA surveillance, which had NOTHING to do with that Snowden guy? When he compared the American people’s lack of trust in the government with whether Michelle could trust him to do the dishes? When he said the government wouldn’t spy on us unless it had to? When he lied about the mean, evil Republicans wanting to stop 30 million people from getting “health care?” When he said that if he had a bored kid in class, he’d look like Putin? (H/T MOTUS, who has a great review of the presser, and which is “Post of the Day” today)

Reince Preibus appeared with Candy Crowley this morning on her CNN show, “State of the Union.” Did he bust her on rescuing Obama on Benghazi during last year’s presidential debate? You’ll hear it first today.

Just when we thought don’t ask don’t tell was gone, it’s back, only this time it’s the House Republicans and Rep. Luis Guttierez (D-Open Borders). Is he telling the truth when he says he has 40-50 members of the GOP supporting amnesty?

What exactly is Obama’s plan to destroy the value of your home and the peace and tranquility of your neighborhood? It involves installing a political lackey into a position of authority at a federal agency, and issuing regulations requiring “diversity,” as noted here.

Tune in today 4-6 pm Central, for the rest of the story.


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