8 Real Events That, Unlike the Confederate Flag, Could Actually Affect Your Life and Safety

We’ve often shared our collective frustration over the state of our country, and I am grateful to have this smart, well-informed community as a refuge from the unrelenting deluge of  ignorance, demagoguery, propaganda and outright stupidity that gushes from so-called “news” outlets. Today, knowing what is really going on is like being the only grownup in a room full of 3 year-olds, watching their teacher tell them about the Tooth Fairy. The only difference is that in that scenario, the teacher isn’t personally benefitting from the deception. To make the analogy more accurate, imagine the teacher getting a kickback from what was under every pillow. That’s like our agit-prop media today, using deceit to promote the liberal agenda they share with the politicians.

This week, the Freak of the Week title goes to the pathetic, drug-addled little mope with the Moe Howard haircut, a twisted worldview, and a deficient I.Q., Dylann Roof. This loser is the poster boy for the expression “Why do you think they call it dope?” Last week, in Charleston, South Carolina, 9 good people welcomed him into their Bible study. He prayed with them for an hour, and then murdered them in cold blood.

Here we go. As a result, the pack of panting media weasels has seized on photos of this pitiful wretch, in which he poses with what many call the “Confederate flag,” but which is actually the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. (By the way, do we have to burn our Gold’s Gym tank tops now?) Spineless politicians, eager to get in front of the media-inspired parade, fall all over each other to rush to mics to denounce this evil rag, demanding its removal from every nook and cranny of society. Equally gutless corporate CEOs, not wanting to be associated with anything that might be deemed “hate speech,” proudly proclaim that they have banned the image of this flag from any and all merchandise that they sell.

OK, then! I’m so glad that we are finally safe now that that nasty flag has been banished, aren’t you?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of this Confederate battle flag. I have two ancestors who fought for the Union during the Civil War. Still, I wonder if there aren’t some more serious threats to Americans. Consider the following:

Obama regime admitted that it released over 100 illegal aliens who went on to kill people in this country

One of the victims of these beneficiaries of Obama’s generous approach toward illegals, Apolinar Altamirano, murdered 21 year-old convenience store clerk, Grant Ronnebeck, because he failed to give the “undocumented” scumbag his cigarettes fast enough.

Illegal Alien Child Molesters and Rapists Have Been Freed to Prey on Americans Instead of Being Deported

In its story about the investigation it conducted, the Boston Globe reports “For years, doctors warned federal immigration officials: Do not take your eyes off Santos Hernandez Carrera.

He had raped a woman at knifepoint and spent roughly half his life in jail, where immigration officials hoped to keep him until they could send him home to Cuba. As far as the public knew, the strategy worked: Until last month, the public sex offender registry said Hernandez Carrera, who has been diagnosed with a mental illness, had been deported.

He never was. Instead, the Globe discovered that Hernandez Carrera is in Florida, one of hundreds of immigrants convicted of sex crimes who should have been deported but instead were released in the United States because their homelands refused to take them back.”

Are any of these fiends running loose in your neighborhood? Nobody knows.

Obama is Extending His Amnesty to Illegals in Jails and Prisons

As noted over at ClashDaily, it’s not enough for the Obama regime to have released murderers, child molesters and rapists into American communities. Going forward, they want to make sure that the practice continues by not deporting many of the criminals being held in jails.

Breaking: DHS Will Release Illegal Alien Families 

But wait—I’m feeling like Ron Popeil today—there’s more! Just a year ago, incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson cited the detaining of illegal alien families as a way to combat the surge of illegal children from Central America. That was then. This is now. From the Washington Times: “Homeland Security will begin releasing more illegal immigrant families from detention, Secretary Jeh Johnson announced Wednesday as he bowed to political pressure from activists and members of Congress who’d called the conditions inhumane for families.” I’m sure that Luis Gutierrez is very pleased.

Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Michael McCaul, R-Texas, says our national security is endangered by Obama’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Scheme

As Jim Kouri notes in the Examiner, the Texas congressman wrote

“Despite all evidence towards our homeland’s vulnerability to foreign fighters, the Administration still plans to resettle Syrian refugees into the United States,” McCaul said in his letter to the President, which was also sent to Obama’s so-called national security team including Secretary of State John Kerry, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.

The [sic] Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and the Deputy Director of the FBI both sat before my Committee this Congress and expressed their concern with admitting refugees we can’t properly vet from the global epicenter of terrorism and extremism in Syria. America has a proud tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world, but in this special situation the Obama Administration’s Syrian refugee plan is very dangerous.

Wait there’s more. Not only are we bringing in these “refugees,” who will be entitled to welfare benefits and other federal goodies, in some cases, taxpayers will foot the bill for counseling for them. One notable family of refugees in the news lately: the Tsarnaevs.

In the wake of a cyber attack that has China’s fingerprints all over it, Buffonish Joe Biden Says We Want to See China Rise

Well, that’s a good thing because I’m sure having the personal information of as many of 32 million federal employees will be a huge help when they are recruiting more Americans to steal technology and state secrets!

Desperate to make a deal with Iran, the West Offers High-Tech Reactors and State-of-the-Art Equipment to the Mullahs

Speaking of Joe Biden, once he assured us that Irans wouldn’t get a nuclear weapon, wasn’t it pretty much a done deal that they would? Yep.

And just this week,

Just days before Secretary of State John F. Kerry heads to Vienna to join nuclear talks with Iran, the country’s supreme leader is staking out what he considers the “major red lines,” any one of which could sink a deal.

In a speech Tuesday night, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei laid out several demands, including the lifting of economic sanctions as soon as a deal is reached and before Iran dismantles some of its nuclear infrastructure. He also ruled out a freeze on nuclear research and development, inspections of military sites and restrictions lasting 10 years or more.

Putin Rattles the Nuclear Sabre

The Russian president and perhaps future reality TV star just put 40 new Intercontinental Balistic missiles into service.

But no worries, Dear Reader. We are all united, and that wicked 19th century flag will be banished forever!

(An earlier version of this piece appeared at Clash Daily)


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