9/11 Hero: The Man in the Red Bandanna, Welles Crowther

On this somber and difficult day, when we think of so many heroes, I wanted to share the story of Welles Crowther, a young man, only 24, who perished will saving others on that horrible day.

This weekend, Peggy Noonan wrote movingly about Welles, and there is a new book about a man who sacrificed himself to save others, The Red Bandanna: A Life. A Choice. A Legacy. by Tom Rinaldi.

How can we explain the astounding courage and selflessness of people like Welles Crowther? On the 40 anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, Ronald Reagan, speaking of the men who made the first assault on Omaha Beach,  answered that question.

“Where do we find such men? The answer came almost as quickly as I’d asked the question. Where we’ve always found them in this country: On the farms, the shops, the stores, and the offices. They just are the product of the freest society the world has every known.”

May the souls of those murdered by the Islamist killers rest and peace, may their families find comfort in their memories, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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