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Josh (Not) Earnest Admits That Some of Iran Cash Will Go To Terrorists


Josh seems a little testy, too, pushing back against the idea that the pallets of unmarked bills delivered to the Iranians was a ransom, and coming close to asking “what difference does it make?” Not that Josh is telling us anything that John “Lurch” Kerry hasn’t already told us. Here’s where Josh gets snippy with CBS’ Margaret Brennan asking “Why ...

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Stop The Presses: Iran Deal NOT What Obama Told You


So, contrary to what Obama told us, Iran will be able to get a nuclear weapon in a few as six months. MMM. where have I heard that before… While much of the Left, including alleged “journalists,” are becoming more unhinged than usual talking about the “scandal” surrounding Melania Trump’s “plagiarism,” there’s this insignificant item. From The New York Post: More ...

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Sick: Iran Executes Pet Dogs as “UnIslamic”


Iran, the country that Obama has always been hell-bent on making a regional power. They executed innocent pet dogs. Sick? What say you? From The Daily Caller: An Iranian prosecutor has declared war on Western culture by systematically executing dogs owned by local pet owners. Mohsen Boosaidi, the prosecutor for the Iranian town of Shahin Share, directed his officers to round-up the ...

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Rhodes Pro-Iran Deception May Have Violated U.S. Law


As you know, “Deputy National Security Advisor” Ben Rhodes, the would-be novelist with ZERO national security experience, ran a propaganda scam on the American people. According to a witness at yesterday’s hearing before Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee, this war room operation may have violated, and even scammed U.S. Secretary of State, John “Lurch” Kerry. From The Washington ...

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Details of Iran’s Treatment of U.S. Sailors Will Shock Americans Says Congressman

Shock? Remember, John “Lurch” Kerry, who has never met an enemy of the United States that he doesn’t love, thanked the Iranians after this incident, Shock? Remember that we’ve been telling you since February, 2015 that Obama has dreamed of building up the Iranians since he came into office. From The Washington Free Beacon: The classified details behind Iran’s treatment ...

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TREASON: White House Admits We Were Played on Iran Deal


Obama Regime admits, by way of its adolescent scribbler turned “National Security Adviser,” Ben Rhodes, that its “historic” Iran Deal was packaged and sold to Congress and the American people using a “narrative” that he concocted. Why isn’t this leading every so-called news cast in America? Was it even mentioned on the pretend news? From the Weekly Standard: It’s hardly ...

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Iranians Award Medals For “Capture” of US Sailors?Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medal from the Iranians?


Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medals from the Iranians? Medals awarded for the heroes of the Iranian Regime! Remember when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard humiliated members of the U.S. Navy, posing them like they were in some ISIS execution video? Iran’s supreme leader does, and he thinks it was FABULOUS! From Fox News: Iran’s supreme leader has awarded ...

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