A 12-Step Program for the Recovering Obama Voter: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Obama’s mouthpiece, the man with that oh-so-slappable face, Ben LaBolt, calls Mitt Romney “unhinged” for calling out the One’s campaign for its Chicago ways, but to really see the living breathing definition of unhinged he need look no further than his colleague Stephanie Cutter. Ms. Cutter is famous for her unforgettable role in John “Lurch” Kerry’s campaign, when she told us that the late Christopher Reeve had endorsed her man on his deathbed. Unfortunately, she was the only one who heard it. In her current star turn with the Obama campaign, Ms. Cutter is known for having to cancel at least one Sunday show appearance last week to avoid questions about her claim to have no idea about the history of the steelworker, whose wife Mitt Romney allegedly killed, after audio surfaced of her on a conference call with that very same “steelworker” (read Obama operative). This morning she was back, and you are not going to believe what she had to say about the $716 billion that Obama robbed from Medicare to fund his health care scheme. In addition, Obama’s buffoonish former press flack, Robert Gibbs turned up, and tried to explain what a wonderful boon the Independent Payment Advisory Board (read “death panel”) will be for seniors and their health care. How did he answer Chris Wallace’s question about Fast and Furious and the administration’s executive privilege claim? Short answer: poorly. We’ll share the audio.

Clearly, buyer’s remorse afflicts many voters who were conned by that whole hopey-changey foolishness of four years ago. One of them is our guest, writer and investigative reporter Craig Karpel has written a new book, The 12-Step Guide for the Recovering Obama Voter to help people like him who want to get well.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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