A Case Study in Obama’s Chicago Way

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Kenneth E. Pannaralla — once a top precinct captain for Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan — has made a good living in government.

Pannaralla, 63, gets a pension from the city of Chicago in addition to the three paychecks from his three current government jobs, including one as the executive director of the Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program, a government agency created under a law Madigan co-sponsored.

Madigan, who is also chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, also gave Pannaralla’s daughter, Jennifer Pannaralla, a one-year legislative scholarship in 2003 to the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Pannaralla’s son, Kenneth, is paid $24,000 a year as an aide to Madigan.

Pannaralla makes a total of $213,418 a year …

Tim Novak and Chris Fusco go on to describe the many government teats from which this Madigan foot soldier happily suckles.

This story illustrates the Obama pyramid that is the overall goal of the One, who somehow in the view of some emerged dry and sweet-smelling, despite his origins in the stinking slough of corruption, crony capitalism and fraud that is Cook County, Illinois. The ideal America envisioned by those running Chicago on the Potomac is Cook County writ large, with the political royalty like Barack, Michelle and friends living large on the taxpayers’ dime with their date nights, luxury vacations and celebrity soirées at the very top, in the center, those like Mr. Pannaralla, members of public employee unions, and identity politics mascot groups, all of whom benefit from the favors doled out in exchange for their loyalty to the sleazy regime, and at the bottom (you guessed it), the rest of us, whose job it is to silently submit and pay.

Question for those stinking Occupy Wall Street morons. My unwashed, bongo-drumming, incoherent friends, please put down your filthy hemp blankets and answer it, please: who is more greedy, a guy like Mr. Pannaralla, who uses his connections to corrupt politicians to personally enrich himself at the expense of the taxpayers, or those evil people, so often demonized by hypocritical anal sphincters like Barack Obama, who work in the private sector, on Wall Street or elsewhere, and earn over $200,000 a year?


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