A funny thing happened on the way to the concentration camp…

As an avid reader of teriobrien.com, a Facebook friend of Teri’s and producer of the renowned Teri O’Brien Show, I come in contact with a lot of Teri’s fans, friends and adversaries. But you can throw out all the record books when you get to this one- a singularly misinformed comment on her Facebook page from a frequent liberal poster. Here it is:

“Teri O’Brien: Would you accept sterilization to keep your job? Robert Bork upheld the right of companies to fire women who would not undergo sterilization. Disgraceful. Oh and he was Romeny’s top judicial adviser on future judge and AG appointments.. Once again, thank God Obama won.

Now, another one of Teri’s friends did a splendid job of answering this on FaceBook, but I was so dazed by the utter idiocy of the comment I decided to blog on it.

I started by going to the link provided, ironically, by the commenter, and quickly realized that Judge Bork ruled not on the legality of employer-forced sterilization, but rather on the legal authority of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to strike the policy down.  Simply put, Bork and company ruled that Congress had not vested OSHA with this authority when it created the Agency.

This is about a light year away (to the low information voters out there, a light year is a measure of distance, not time, and is really far) from ruling that a company can force female employees to be sterilized.  However, to the simple-minded, the accusation is often enough. The question is, then, are those on the left that stupid, or wonderfully proficient at propagandizing?

In this instance, I’m tempted to go with stupid, because the commenter’s own link provided refutation of his position.  Would a skilled propagandist have made this mistake?  On the other hand, leftwing shills often count on the link alone to give their posts the appearance of credibility, knowing that most readers will not take the time to look it up.  So, the jury is out.

The late-not-great Senator Ted Kennedy, perhaps the biggest scumbag to ever serve in the Senate, slandered and smeared Robert Bork when President Reagan nominated him to serve on the Supreme Court.  As usual, the Republican answer was to simply shake their heads and say “No one’s going to believe that crap.”  But Bork spent the rest of his days trying to live down the characterization of himself as a neo-Hitler by Kennedy, and the comment on Teri’s FaceBook page by the a man who appears to be a charter member of the “ignoranti” reminds us that the smear campaign against Bork continues even after his death.

To add some icing on the cake of ignorance, the commenter further blasphemes:  “Once again thank God Obama won.”  Were God the concierge at Auschwitz, and truth the target of the crematoria, I just might agree.



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