A “Gaffe” to the Media is Common Sense to Real Americans

This morning one of my training partners said to me and the other Gym Goddess, “You know, when Mitt Romney said that culture matters, I think he was right.” I’m paraphrasing, but that was the essence of it. She was referring to Mr. Romney’s taking notice of the difference between Israel’s economy and that of the Palestinians, and suggesting the cultural differences may account for it(Please note that the linked story repeats the meme about Romney’s “series of gaffes.”) That prompted the other Gym Goddess to recall some of the comments by liberals while they were resisting efforts to prevent the subprime mortgage disaster during the mid-2000’s that strongly suggested that these clueless leftists didn’t think not being able to afford a house should mean you shouldn’t get to have one. These comments by these two smart women illustrate a basic truth: what is obvious and logical to liberals sounds like insanity to most Americans, and what is called a “gaffe” by the Left is called common sense by us.

Here’s a story from this morning in which a couple of guys on ABC, who no doubt consider themselves “journalists,” discuss Mitt Romney’s latest “perceived misstep.”

The Obama campaign is in full panic mode, as demonstrated by their recent invitation to Bill Clinton to speak at their convention, and so these LSM apparatchiks are working overtime to try to avert the disaster of his defeat. Desperation ain’t pretty.


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