ABC News: Grandma with Gun Halts Store Robbery

Remind me again, Barack, Eric, Joe and your fellow 2nd Amendment hating friends. Guns are dangerous in the hands of ordinary citizens, right? I know. We’re supposed to cower, like supplicants, waiting for the police, who, when seconds count, arrive in minutes. Not this lady. From ABC News:

A gun-carrying grandmother in Milwaukee foiled an attempted robbery when she pulled a firearm on the suspect as he grabbed for her grocery store cash register.

Ernestine Aldana, 48, was behind the counter at the San Ignacio Market when a man in a dark hat pulled a knife on her and attempted to rob the store register, police said.  Aldana pulled a handgun from behind the counter on the man, causing him to flee. …

Aldana says her son, who took her to a firing range to train her to shoot, bought the gun for the store.   The family never thought they would need for the firearm, but are now grateful.  “If I didn’t have the gun there, he would have hurt me, once I had the gun there it changed everything,” said Aldana.

In December 2011, Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill passing the “Castle Doctrine” in the state, which protects home and business owners using a gun in self-defense on their property.

Aldana added that she is now skeptical of restrictions on gun ownership. “[The gun] saved my life,” she said.

Guns save lives. End of story.

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