The ABC’s of Barack Obama: “R” is for Reparations

From “The ABC’s of Barack Obama: Understanding God’s Greatest Gift to America”

R is for “Reparations”

Don’t you think that when someone has been treated as less than human, had everything he has worked for stolen from him and has otherwise been horribly abused, that person has earned restitution? It’s obvious that he has. What if a person was forced to work as a slave, picking cotton in the hot sun, under the threat of the lash, or even death? Once that person was rescued, he would deserve a huge repayment, wouldn’t he? Of course he would! Unfortunately, we can’t find that one abused guy, and even if we could he would be at least 160 years old, and he’d be way too feeble to enjoy any of the cool stuff all that cash could buy. Let’s face it. He’d be lucky to be aware that he was being carried around in a bucket at this point. No worries, though. Just take that same logic and apply it not to just one abused guy, but to all the people who suffered under the yoke of slavery in racist Amerika

I can hear you saying, “Ter, how can we do that? Those people are all at least 160 years old! Dead even!” Actually, I can’t literally “hear” you because you’re only thinking that while reading this book, but I know if I were there, that’s what you’d say. OK. I’ve got an answer for that. Since we can’t award huge cash payments to the actual slaves to make up for the unspeakable suffering they endured, let’s give lots of stuff to their great-great-great-great grandkids and their kids and grandkids. That’s the idea of reparations. We’ve got to make it up to these people somehow. That civil war thing and all those people who were maimed, lost limbs and were even killed to end slavery, well, that was just a start. A good start, but just a start. …

Barack wisely understands that reparations have to start somewhere, and he decided to grab the bull by the horns to do something for the descendants of slaves. Well, actually, so far it benefits only four descendants of slaves; that is, Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Mother Robinson.

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