ACORN 2.0, The Truth About Obama’s “Humanitarian Crisis” and His Next Planned Amnesty, The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday, 7-27-14


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Today’s Focus: Connecting the Dots Between Obama’s Plans for More Amnesty and his “Transformation” of Americ

A couple of weeks our Dear Reader took a brief break from golfing, vacations, and fundraising, and I do mean brief, as in a couple of hours to meet with leaders of s0-called “faith-based” organizations who are dealing with his self-created “humanitarian crisis,” the invasion of thousands of illegal alien “children” (actually women with their children, or 15-17 males). That’s how it was reported, but is that really the truth? Just who are these “faith-based” groups and are their motives strictly religious, or are they the latest iteration of ACORN, left-wing organizations that exist solely due to huge infusions of federal tax money? Does Obama’s former chief of staff turned Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel see this “crisis” as one answer to his financial woes? Also:
Obama’s Wrecking Ball for those Evil Suburbs, and His “Economic Patriotism”
2nd Amendment Update
Time for another hash tag: I think that the “girls” are still missing, but Boko Haram is still on the move, as demonstrated by their latest daring action
Useful Idiot of the week displays his colossal ignorance on the cable network devoted to ignorance, MS-HAMAS
Is Obamacare on the ropes?

New York Times advocates legalization of pot. We’ve assumed that they were smoking something for YEARS.
Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.
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