Stop Obama’s Refugee Resettlement by defunding it! That’s the only way. The House is scheduled to vote on an “omnibus” budget one week from today, which contains full funding for Obama’s master plan to “remake” America by importing Muslim refugees, funding his lawless amnesty, continued placement of illegal aliens from Central America, and continued federal funding for sanctuary cities. Please do your part to stop it.


Patriots, it is urgent that you call your members of the House and Senate at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vigorously oppose the Refugee Resettlement funding contained in the Omnibus Spending Bill that will be voted on by 12-11-15 TODAY.

The magnificent Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) put out a statement earlier this week on this issue, which is a must read. Here is the link. It’s a terrific summary of what is going on, and why we need to make our voices heard.

Also, here is a sample letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that I urge you to customize and send, not only to him, but also to your member of Congress.

Let’s burn up those phone lines and remind these “representatives” that they work for us, and that their job is NOT to make life easy for Barack Obama. When you speak to their staffers, please emphasize that you are more concerned about national security than worrying about a “government shutdown.” If the government couldn’t stop what happened in San Bernardino, California, maybe it should shut down!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to try to save our country from this invasion of jihadists determined to destroy our country.


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