Actually, as a Smart Friend Pointed Out to Me, More Like a Lawn Jockey Than a Butler

From The Daily Mail, ‘It made him look like a butler’: Retired general blasts President Obama for ordering U.S. Marine to break military rules by holding an umbrella

Barack Obama, U.S. Marines

His Highness is not amused.

What an embarrassment this braying jackass is! I know. I’m repeating myself.


  1. Reminds of the time the Clintons had officers in uniform serving hors d’oeuvres at a dinner. No opportunity to trivialize the military is too trivial, especially when it’s on camera.

    • Right. One of the greatest joys in life for leftists is to humiliate their “enemies,” which of course, includes the military, no matter how much they pay lip service to “respecting our troops.” They learned after their Vietnam-era antics (ask Bill Ayers and Bernandine Dohrn about screaming “baby killer!” to returning troops) that the public thinks that’s not cool, so they’ve gone sub rosa, but their real attitudes often show.

  2. It not just the Marine that Mr. Obama showed a lack of compassion to, but also his audience of reporters. How many times has he been late to one of these? Asking for a couple minutes to get everyone out of the rain would not be a big deal at this point. Does anyone remember his words from that day?

    At the wake for Chris Kyle, as reported by none other then The Liberal Death Star:

    “As Mrs. Kyle spoke Monday, a Marine in uniform stood by her, providing encouragement and, at one point when she needed a tissue, his white glove.”

    Can anyone point to one random act of kindness from this president?

  3. The Marines look composed and dignified. They clearly have more respect for the office of the President than its current occupant has for them.

  4. He can’t be allowed to get wet. Otherwise you hear “I’m melting! I’m melting!! What a world!”

    There are people whose jobs are to hold umbrellas, and there are people whose jobs are to defend the country. This is a classic example of the wingnuthead-in-chief’s disrespect for the military, of course, but it is no surprise. I’d be a lot moree surprised if any liberal anywhere showed the tiniest speck of intellectual honesty, but no seed ever grows on infertile ground.

  5. I used to wonder why you let these anencephalic bottom feeders loose in your comments, but after reading some of them it’s clear that it’s to allow them to demonstrate the ignorance of their moronic opinions in the face of the facts. Bravo, and well done.

    • Thanks, Og. Yes, I think we do everyone a public service by letting libs put their stunning ignorance on display.

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