Admit it: Thanksgiving-Hating Libs Are Hilarious to Watch

I struggle with Thanksgiving as a holiday.

Unless I don’t know liberals the way I think I do, what comes after that sentence has got to be some unintentionally hilarious liberal clap trap. As usual, I do know liberals, and what followed in this piece by Jamie Utt, a “diversity and inclusion consultant and sexual violence prevention educator,” who apparently is anatomically a male, did not disappoint. Never doubt me. Mr. Utt continues:

I simultaneously love and hate it.
I love that it brings families together and that it is a time for pause in our busy lives to give thanks for the many wonderful things around us. Neither of those things happen often enough.
Simultaneously, though, it is a holiday that perpetuates lies and hides the genocide of Indigenous people on this continent.
The story we’ve been told about the first “Thanksgiving” is a farce. It’s a lie that is told by a White-dominant culture to help itself feel better about the fact that we are living on lands that were stolen from Indigenous tribes through a careful process of genocide.

Here’s a fun thought experiment: who would you rather have at your Thanksgiving dinner: (1) this guy (2) one of Obama’s brainwashed acolytes with their talking points about Obamacare, or (3) one of Mayor Bloomberg’s fans with some anti-2nd amendment placemats for the kids?

White people, we have a responsibility to support these efforts! (efforts to buy back land and give it to “indigenous peoples”) Perhaps one way is to pay the same amount per year to buy back programs that you pay to the state in property taxes. (emphasis mine)


Great suggestion! You first, Mr. Utt. Why do I suspect that the only property taxes Mr. Utt has ever paid are the indirect ones he pays as part of his monthly rent checks?

Many of these suggestions were adapted from a keynote given by Waziyatawin, Ph.D. at the recent Overcoming Racism conference. So with her wisdom in mind, I will leave you with the central question of her most recent book (please consider picking up a copy or the ebook):

“What Does Justice Look Like?”

I’ve got a better question. What does stupidity look like? Also, who is the woman with the unpronounceable one word name, the Native American Madonna or Prince? Are you as heartbroken as I am at having missed that “Overcoming Racism” conference? Is there any way we can watch it online?

Liberals: you can’t reason with them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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