It’s Me Again, Dana, Here to Tell You About Another Heroic Dog Who Saved Her Family

Yes, I am one of the two canine associate producers of The Teri O’Brien Show, and being a dog, I know how great the show is because if you can say one thing about us dogs, it is that we are great listeners. Haven’t you noticed that? We never interrupt or try to change the subject when you’re talking.

My mommy and daddy adopted me from a shelter. They also rescued my brother, who is probably part pit bull. No one is sure, but I have noticed that he’s very protective of my mommy, and I’m pretty sure that he would give up his life for all of us. I saw this story, and this dog, Sammie, reminds of my brother. She looks a lot like him, and she was also rescued from a shelter.

Good girl, Sammie!

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