Here We Go Again: Democrats Seek to Choose 2016 GOP Nominee

The next time I get a call from the Republican National Committee, instead of what I usually do, looking at the caller ID and ignoring it, I plan to answer the phone. As the telemarketer reads his script, I will interrupt and say “Stop. I need you to listen to something,” as I shred some paper into the receiver. “Hear that? That’s the sound of me shredding the check I was going to send you. Why? Two words, my robotic friend: Ken Cuchinelli.”

It is disgraceful and disgusting the way the establishment GOP abandoned Ken Cuchinelli. He had to fight not only dirt bag/Clinton stalking horse Terry McAuliffe, and an army of left-wing interest group foot soldiers who poured into the state, but also a faux libertarian, who like all obvious libertarians wanted to raise taxes, funded by an Obama bundler, and, his own party! The Republican mayor of Virginia Beach, VA actually endorsed McAuliffe!

Meanwhile, the predictable, and predictably nauseating, love fest for New Jersey governor Chris Christie is endlessly proceeding in the legacy media. Interesting that the Democrats didn’t seem to mount much opposition to Gov. Christie, the latest “moderate who shows how Republicans can win in a blue state,” isn’t it? Their nominee, a woman in fact, got no traction and very little support from her party.

How dumb is the establishment GOP? Yes, that dumb.



  1. OMG- I am squealing with delight. WEEEEEEEEEEE. I always thought the big war would continue to be between the “left” and the “right” but it is now totally confined to the former Republican Party. Tea Party took it over and keeps losing. I wish Christine O’Donnell could hand me some popcorn that was freshly popped by Ken Cuccinelli and salted by Sarah Palin. DELICIOUS!

  2. Teri:
    Great! Thanks for putting out the warning…. I’ve already told the last GOP soliciter to “pound sand” when they calld for $$$. What I don’t understand is why Corporate America is content to stand-by and allow their businesses to be dismantled and not give a dime to the RNC, leaving the burdon to us (many who are unemployed or on stretched incomes — thanks to Obama’s Economy).

  3. What’s worse, they will succeed, as the Media will “again” deny any press coverage or advertising time to any and all Republican contenders….

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