Here They Go Again: President Payback and His Gangsta Regime to Redress Racist Unfairness with Mass Release of “Nonviolent” Drug Criminals


We have a lawless, criminal regime occupying the White House, so is it any wonder that it wants to help out its fellow criminals down the food chain, particularly since in the view of Barack Obama and Eric Holder these inmates are victims, their long jail terms caused by–wait for it–RACISM?  And, Dear Reader, you’ll be happy to know that, even with all the time it takes to stop poor children from having the opportunity to attend better schools (because it impedes the “desegregation process,” and no, I am not making that up) or to sue sovereign states for daring to try to stop the alien invasion along the border, Mr. Holder’s Department of (In)Justice still has time to search for and recruit convicted criminals that they can release. Your tax dollars at work, Bitter Clinger!

From NPR:

The Justice Department has already held meetings with defense lawyers and interest groups in an effort to identify the cases of worthy prisoners who could qualify for clemency. The administration is looking at inmates who have “clean records, no significant ties to gangs or violence, and who are serving decades behind bars for relatively low-level offenses.” (emphasis mine)

No “significant ties to gangs or violence?” What the hell does that mean? I guess it means whatever Eric Holder decides it does. Would former crack cocaine dealer, one-time knife-wielding maniac and current Obama BFF Jay Z qualify?

The administration’s move Monday comes four years after Obama signed the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act, which was designed to reduce the disparity between sentencing rules for crack and powder cocaine. In a precursor to today’s announcement, the president last December commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates serving long sentences — including six with life terms — for crack cocaine offenses.

At the time, Obama said that the inmates had been sentenced under an “unfair system” that meted out far longer sentences for crack cocaine than powdered cocaine.

Of course. The animating forces behind every action taken by Barack Obama and his whole wrecking crew, including Eric Holder, are (1) their belief that America is inherently racist and therefore “unfair” to minorities and (2) their unquenchable thirst for power. This latest initiative to release drug criminals is no exception.

To illustrate the first reason for this latest scheme, look no further than the One’s “signature achievement,” Obamacare, a ridiculous unworkable racket that will not make sure that everyone in America has health insurance. Even after the upending of the system that was working reasonably well for 85% of us, at least 31 million will remain uninsured. So why destroy the existing system? Because it was a vestige of that despised 1950’s, “Leave it to Beaver” America, in which Dad supported his family by commuting from the suburbs, and returned home at night to eat the dinner Mom had prepared while the family unpacked the day around the dinner table. That America might have been what you experienced, or consider ideal, but while Ward, June, Wally and the Beav were enjoying that idyllic world, there was another America, the one inhabited by the single mother, her slacker sperm donors, their bastard children, the drug addicted, and all the rest of the Downtrodden, and it was very different. Never mind that their circumstances are usually the result of their own bad choices. A “disproportionate” percentage of these “victims” are minorities, and they don’t have jobs that come with employer-provided health insurance like the ones you find in “behind enemy lines” in Corporate America; therefore, health insurance was another one of those things, like an owning a home and going to college, that they didn’t get, which in the view of Obama is inherently unfair, and (OF COURSE) racist.

So, repeating, what exactly do they mean by “nonviolent, low level drug activity,” the phrase Holder used last August when he announced that his department would not pursue mandatory minimum sentences? Are we supposed to believe that people are incarcerated because they were singing too loud in church? Aren’t all drug offenses inherently violent? If people didn’t buy hamburgers, we wouldn’t need slaughterhouses, and if the murdering scum who shoot each other over drug territory had no customers for their poison, there wouldn’t be more murders in Chicago than there are in Iraq, which is why Barack Obama’s adopted home town has earned the nickname “Chiraq.”

Let’s not forget the second reason for everything they do, to retain and increase their political power. Congress has been in the process of addressing the supposed unfairness in criminal sentencing since last year, but Obama wants his peeps to think it was his idea. From The Christian Science Monitor:

In July, Senator Dick Durbin (D) of Illinois Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah introduced the Smarter Sentencing Act, a bill that would shorten mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders and grant judges more discretion when doling out punishment. The latest version of the bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in January and a similar bill has been referred to committee in the House of Representatives.

So far, the Smarter Sentencing Act has garnered considerable support from both sides of the aisle.

Fearing the bloodbath predicted for Democrats a little more than 6 months from now, President Payback is trying to take credit for an idea that he thinks will energize his slavish black voters.

If and when some of these angelic victims of our mean criminal justice system demonstrate that they do have a propensity for violence after all, where do we go to get our restitution, or is there no payback for current victims, only those from the 19th century?


  1. This is going to be The Mariel Boatlift on steroids.

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