VIDEO: Age of Obama Ironies, Chapter 7,986: International Embarrassment, Affirmative Action President Laments Blames GOP for Holding up Loretta Lynch Nomination as Embarrassing

President Barack Obama Interview

Lying Again, Obama neglects to mention that HIS party is holding up Loretta Lynch’s vote in the Senate

Embarrassing? You ought to know, Jackass. The problem with your statement here is that, like so many others, it’s at war with the facts. It is your party and its militancy and determination to the liberal sacrament, abortion, that is holding up Loretta Lynch’s nomination. Nice pitch to your low information, moronic supporters, though.

The ABC's of Barack Obama: Understanding God's Greatest Gift to America (Truth is the New Hate Speech Book 1)

by Teri O'Brien [Informed America Media]
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