Ahead of the Curve Again: We’ve Been Warning About “Refugees” Since July

As Obama and John Kerry scheme to create a jihadist highway into America, claiming to want to help “refugees,” it’s worth checking out what you may have missed.

As you know, The Teri O’Brien Show and this site are all about connecting what to many of us are obvious dots; specifically, the many ways that Obama has diligently proceeded to “remake” America into a socialist paradise. He has been waging this war on the country we grew up in on many fronts, all of which we have chronicled. Whether it’s his wrecking ball for the suburbs, the opening of the southern border, the granting of illegal amnesty, facilitating a nuclear Iran, or the “seeding” of our country with 3rd world “refugees,” who like the hoards currently invading Europe, are actually economic migrants.

Recently, a person I know to be a well-informed patriot, expressed shock at the resettlement of these “refugees” in our country, and I reminded her that we’ve been sounding the alarm about this issue for months. In July, we were honored and delighted to have Ann Corcoran of refugeeresettlementwatch.com as a guest. If you missed that show, it’s an eye-opener, and you should check it out

If you missed that or any of the other programs mentioned, you can listen to them at the following links:

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Thanks for stepping up to your duty to be an informed American citizen.

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