All Postal Workers Should Go on Strike Forever

From the Washington Post:

A small group of postal workers and supporters began a four-day hunger strike Monday to protest the U.S. Postal Service’s deteriorating finances and service and Congress’s failure to address the situation.

The 10 strikers will make their stand days before the postal service makes changes that will end overnight delivery of up to 20 percent of first-class mail, as mail-sorting hubs are shuttered.

What is this “mail” they speak of in this article? All that drech that constantly piles up on my kitchen table until I muster the energy to get rid of it? I’ve killed three shredders so far. Will it never end?

Seriously will anyone miss this dead tree clutter? Maybe this guy, who definitely will not be joining any hunger strike.

What say you? Would you miss snail mail if it were gone?


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