All Reagan all the Time!

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh touting email addresses with the protocol “” For only $40.00 per year, you can have your very own Reagan email address. Whoop-de-doo! I can’t wait to be!!! What? Already taken? Stupid Sassy.

My disappointment notwithstanding, I thought of some other protocols that might be popular with certain segments of the population. Coincidentally, they’re all named after liberals. So. here goes, the address protocols and their corresponding target audience:—————————-abortionists——————————blithering idiots—————————–victims of medical malpractice in cosmetology————————-illiterates——————————-polar bears———————-chronic masturbators———————-people being kept alive by machines——————-third world dictators—————————-non-citizens—Kool-aid drinkers——————————barterers

I’m sure there’re more, but for now, even at $20 bucks apiece, I’m rich; that is, if I can get the government to subsidize the payments…


  1. Do you think Producer Thomas is getting sick of watching C-SPAN? Who can blame him? We both carry a heavy burden watching so you don’t have to. He should have been hip to Sassy. She’s obviously a crafty, snarky girl, and, trust me, they are nothing new to Thomas.

  2. Stupid Sassy.

    Easy, now, Professor Thomas. Sassy is busy emailing about the snake on the plane!

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