Amarillo Hostage Taker a “Refugee” Feds Forced Town to Take

Who is Mohammad Moghaddam? A “refugee,” one of the flood that the U.N. and the State Department are “seeding” our country with as part of Obama’s “remaking” America.

Yesterday, when I heard about the hostage situation at an Amarillo Wal-Mart, I figured that there would be a Mohammed involved, a “refugee,” one of the flood that the Obama Regime is using to change the country’s demographics by importing the Third World.

This guy came to the U.S. from Iran, (note the obligatory “part of a quiet family who didn’t come across as violent” from the local media story)and apparently was angry that he didn’t get a promotion at work.


Where will we go after Obama is done “transforming” the country we grew up in?












From The Daily Caller:

As of January 2016, Amarillo had the highest ratio of refugees in the entire country, and is home to over 1,000 of them from various Middle Eastern and East African countries. Texas officials have tried to fight the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement to little avail. Since the Obama administration forwarded the idea of funneling Syrian refugees into Texas, on top of existing refugee flows, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission filed a lawsuit against the federal government, which is pending. President Barack Obama wants 10,000 refugees in America by October 1.

And remember, Hillary Clinton thinks that 10,000 is nothing. She wants 65,000.

As many of you know, we have been following the issue of the Obama Regime using “refugees” to change the demographics of the country for several years. Links to many of our stories here.

Check out this episode of The Teri O’Brien Show, Obama “Remaking” America, bringing Muslim “refugees” into Middle America, for more


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