Amazing! WaPo Columnist Finds Evidence That Susan Rice Was Telling the Truth About Libya!

As we noted on yesterday’s show, “Obama: Bigger Enemy of America Than Osama, Barack Obama and his apparatchiks have adopted the following strategy to attempt to deal with the mess they created when the began their coverup of what really happened when our ambassador in Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was assassinated, along with three other brave Americans:

(1) Accuse Those Who Demand Answers of “Politicizing” The Murders

They huff and puff about Mitt Romney’s “disgraceful” comments about the events in the Middle East. Fortunately, these attempts to stop the American people from getting answers are futile and ridiculous. When a national embarrassment like Dick “Our Troops Are Like Pol Pot” Durbin accuses anyone of politicizing foreign policy, can there be any reaction other than laughter? Perhaps, open-mouthed shock, followed by stunned silence, and then laughter. Obama launched his whole national career by criticizing President Bush’s foreign policy. Now suddenly it’s off limits? Even for liberals, this gambit is a pathetic non-starter.

(2) Demonize Those Who Are Demanding The Answers

Like that damn Cong. Darryl Issa (R-CA), who apparently thinks it’s acceptable to question the One and his regime. If they said that 4 Americans were killed because of a moronic video that no one saw, that should be the end of the story, Mr. Issa. (And you can bet that but for Cong. Issa, Sens. McCain, Graham and Ayotte, and other members of the opposition party, that inane video story would still be the explanation.)

(3) Characterize Gov. Mitt Romney as a Trigger Happy, War-Mongering Nutcase Who Can’t Be Trusted

In the grand tradition of their puerile campaign style exemplified by their incessant repetition of the phrase “binders of women,” they’ve been floating some new trial slogans. “Wingtip cowboy (used by Robert Gates on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ on 10/14/12),” and “Dukes of Hazzard foreign policy” (uttered by both Debbie Wasserman Schulz and David Axelrod yesterday on separate Sunday show appearances) spring to mind. While we know how much those slogans appeal to their low-information voters, substance will always prevail.

Expect them to present his statement after our Cairo embassy as evidence of Gov. Romney’s ineligibility for the Commander-in-Chief job, and to conflate that with the murders in Benghazi, as evidence that Romney is guy who shoots first and asks questions later, who “jumps in with half information,” as David Axelrod said on Fox News Sunday on 10/14/12.


Notice how Axelrod invokes Ambassador Steven’s father’s statement that we shouldn’t “politicize” the issue, another attempt to scare off anyone sniffing around to get the truth.

The answer to this foolishness about approaching these issues in a measured, calm, deliberate way is to ask why then it was so important to send U.N. Ambassador Rice out on 9/16/12 to peddle that lame story about the YouTube video. Why not say “Let me be clear. These murders in Benghazi are a horrible attack on the United States, and we are going to find out what happened. When we do, we’ll report to the American people, who have every right to know. Until we have all the information, we’re not going to speculate or release incomplete information that might confuse a complicated situation.” No, they couldn’t say that because they knew within 24 hours that it was a terrorist attack, and they knew that the truth would make the One look very bad. The CIA station chief told them. From AP:

The CIA station chief in Libya reported to Washington within 24 hours of last month’s deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate that there was evidence it was carried out by militants, not a spontaneous mob upset about an American-made video ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press.

Now suddenly, and conveniently right on cue, yesterday David Ignatius of the WaPo reveals CIA “talking points” that validate Ambassador Rice’s 9/16/12 statements on 5 Sunday shows. The day before the last presidential debate! Amazing! What are the chances? The Obama administration is completely honest and transparent! Hooray!

The fact that Dick Durbin brought this Ignatius column up on Fox News Sunday yesterday makes me think that Mr. Ignatius is this week’s Candy Crowley, as in the designated LSM Obama rescuer. Dickie even said he wanted to “channel” Candy Crowley during his appearance yesterday. (Audio of that in this post)

These phony Marxist operatives and their lapdog stenographers in the Lame Stream Media actually think they are fooling us. They will cite this Ignatius column to prove how their many shifting stories are the result of the “fog of war” not a deliberate disinformation campaign designed to distract us from the reality that is the failure of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

Don’t let them get away with it, Governor. Also, please remember when he bleats his slogan “Osama bin Laden is dead” to remind him that so is Ambassador Stevens and 3 other brave Americans.


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