Three American Hostages Remain in Iran Despite Obama’s “Historic” Deal

Let’s see. State sponsor of terror? Patron on Syria? Holding Americans hostage? Check, check, check. Of course, we need to give Iran $7 billion dollars, and ease those sanctions in a New York minute. And no, Bitter Clinger, this deal, which much like the Dear Reader himself is “historic” is NOT a shiny object designed to distract people from the calculated, cynical 3+ years of Obama repeating his lies that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” A total fraud re-elected under false pretenses, and a joke “president.”


  1. Yes- she does ban comments from folks that don’t believe in her twisted, xenophobic ranting- ranting solely designed to get “donations” (by credit card!) from knock-off Limbaugh listeners. It’s actually Teri’s business model. It’s so pathetic but I LOVE that she exists because she is part of the republican party that is EATING its own. Love it.

  2. Some deal, it’s nothing more than capitulating to AIPAC! Brother Nathanael, who once was a Jewish rabbi, now a Christian, has a 4-point plan to deal with ZIONS. For the record I am not anti-Semite…I AM ANTI-ZION! There are Jews who do not like the way Israel is being run. Thing is the media, run by militant Zionists like say those who run the NY Times ARE SCARED OF THE TRUTH!

    Oh and hannitysux…HOW WAS YOUR THANKSGIVING IN THE FEMA CAMP?!?!?!?!

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