Will America’s “Franken-Culture” Lead to Civil War?

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


America is, indeed, a house divided.  So, let’s survey how we got here and what to expect next.  Shall we?

A few years ago I wrote: There was a time in America, not so long ago, when we had white people, black people, brown people, yellow people, etc.  We had men and women. We had healthy people and we had sick people and we had handicapped people.

We had smart people and we had dumb people.  We had retarded people and we had normal people.

We had queers and homosexuals and but we had no gay and lesbian people.

We had the truth and we had the lie.

We had people who loved America and people who hated America.  There was no “in-between.”

We had Republicans and Democrats and no Independents.  We had conservatives and liberals.  We did not have moderates.

Well, what happened?  Answer:  World War Two!

What’s World War Two got to do with it, you may ask?  Glad you asked.  It has everything to do with the mess in which we Americans find ourselves today.

Our US troops who fought in Europe, and were stationed there after the war, brought something back from Europe that was, up ‘til that time, alien to America. In those days it was called “Moral Relativism.”  Simply defined it says there are no absolutes. There is no absolutely black and there is no absolutely white.  There is no absolute truth and there is no absolute lie.

Now, this was like a bombshell going off in America.  Those of religious faith saw it instantly for what it was. The GREAT LIE!

The pointy-head elites, especially in the  university academia, saw instantly a way to cover all the things they wanted to do and say with the cloak of moral relativism. And they took it up and reveled in it.  They began to teach it to our kids.  Then those kids became elementary and high school teachers themselves… and they, too, taught it to our kids and their kids.

It is not accidental that those on the left side of the political spectrum in America came so quickly to adopt Moral Relativism.  You see… they WERE the university elite.  Someone has said recently, it is now a part of the DNA of the political left and the Democrat Party.

Nowadays, moral relativism is known as “political correctness.”  No matter what it is called it is still the most effective way to live a lie and sell that lifestyle to others.

When I was a lad, America was referred to as a great “melting pot.”  People from all over the world would come to America and melt right into the unique American society and culture. Sometimes it took one, or even two, generations to make the cycle complete but they worked at it.  And it made America strong.

Then, the Left came up with something called “Multiculturalism.”  Basically, that is to say – any,  and all,  cultures are as good as ours. that is,  when we had a unique American culture. And for those of you too young to remember… we DID have our own culture! The breakdown of American society, and culture, began at that moment.   The political Left began to foist their plan to no longer have a single American culture, but instead a vast array of cultures from all the peoples who had come here to ostensibly become Americans.

It was kind of cute at first, the gay colors of the Hispanic peoples and their holidays… and the October fest of the Germans, and the Irish holidays, and the various other cultural celebrations of the host of other peoples in America.  Then it became sinister. That unique American culture began to be absorbed into the multitude of other cultures.  Now, for all intents and purposes, the American culture is gone. And with it went the identity of the American people.

And then came the icing on the cake:  Diversity.

Ever since there has been marriage, a man and a woman deciding to live together and create a family,  man has needed to get away from the little woman for short periods of time..

You have to understand, men are barbarians.  We can’t help it, that’s the way Nature made us and we will never be house broken.  Even in the pre-Columbian days of the Native Americans, on this continent, the tribes had their “Man’s House.”  Even then, the men needed to get away.  It’s not that the man loved or respected the woman any the less; he just needed to let the beast out for a while.  He could not, and cannot, do that in a domesticated setting.

For a very long time, the work place served as the man’s retreat.  Then the feminist movement came along and women decided they could have it all… including the heart attacks, ulcers, nervous breakdowns, alcoholism and everything that goes with the workplace, and they chose that over their families. The invasion on the man’s retreat was on and it was overwhelming.

The office known as “Personnel” was suddenly changed to “Human Resources” and diversity in the workplace was near complete.

But… not quite so in American society.  The Military was next. Man’s last retreat from curtains and all forms of domesticity was invaded and defeated. Again, it was In the name of diversity. Now we have homosexuals serving openly in our military and women serving in combat positions in war zones.  Both have had, and will continue to have, a deleterious effect upon the readiness and effectiveness of the US military, which is already in a devastating state of decline.

Now, diversity and multiculturalism feed off each other and they both feed off Political Correctness. How is that, you may ask?

Well, if we clear the fog of political correctness away for a brief moment, we can see that multiculturalism is bad for the country.  It has robbed us of our identity.  Diversity has robbed us of our homes and families, and robbed us of our places in society.  Male and female have morphed into one sex now. And again, we have lost our identity.   Even the forced injection of different races into each other’s cultures, in the name of diversity, has robbed all races of their distinct identity. So we invented hyphenated names to try to identify who we are.  But… it doesn’t work.

When a people lose their identity they are doomed.  Americans no longer have an identity, therefore, we are doomed.  We have consigned ourselves to the ash heap of history as nothing more than a footnote.

Why can’t we see this?  Because Political Correctness has laid the cloak of the Big Lie over everything and we dare not question any of it because that would be… you guessed it… Politically Incorrect.

And so… we are lost. We don’t know who we are anymore, we don’t know where we are anymore, and we don’t even know how we got here.  We don’t know where we are going because we don’t know where we have been. We have become a sorry, pathetic lot, a blight upon the land that once was home to a proud American people who shared a single American culture melded together from the many cultures of the LEGAL immigrants who chose to come to these shores to become Americans themselves and not just to establish a “forward position” for the country of their origin.

So how can we change it?  We can’t.  You can’t unring a bell. You cannot re-instate virginity.  Like the loss of virginity, the loss of identify is permanent.  It can never be recovered. We’re stuck!

The US has succumbed to that fatal disease which strikes all great nations and brings them their knees.  Guilt.

I mean, heck, we can’t even fight a successful war anymore for fear that we will hurt the enemy. And we feel guilty for, well, something or other. The left will certainly fill in the blank for us.

Mark what I say here:  Within the next three decades, there will be another civil war on this continent. There MUST be.  There MUST be a dominant culture established once again. Only the Lord knows what that culture will be but, for certain, whatever it turns out to be — it will certainly be better than the “Franken-culture” from which America is suffocating today.   With apologies to Mary Shelley, America is truly the Modern Prometheus.

It was approximately eighty years between the Revolutionary War and the first American civil war.  It took around thirty years for the populace to become enflamed enough to take up arms against each other. Modern America is already well into the inflammation period.  Talk of such a conflagration is already in the air.  Once that threshold is crossed over, there can be little doubt actual confrontation and conflagration will follow.

All of this will occur because we did not have the common sense to control our borders.  Without borders, there is no such thing as a “nation.”  We will learn that lesson. but it will be too late as it is already too late.

Like those 102 frightened, but determined, souls who left their country in search of a new beginning, the Pilgrims, we are going to have to  begin anew.  Like it or not, it will be thrust upon us.  We cannot count on the government for, as any fool can plainly see, the current government is on it’s last legs even now and will soon succumb.

We long since passed through that proverbial crossroads.  We made our decision, we chose our route,  and now we must pay the toll.  Unfortunately the monetary exchange, the coinage, if you please,  may well be the blood of our children and grandchildren.

The great shortcoming of democracy is that it almost always succumbs to suicide.  It raids its own treasury, it makes decisions about momentous issues blithely. and with little, if any, forethought.  Like a blind giant, it stumbles over its own mistakes  until it trips and falls. America has tripped and IS falling.

I do not write these words joyously.  They are painful and bitter as bile. Nevertheless, I believe them to be a true assessment of our immediate past — and — our immediate future.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” A truism spoken by Christ Himself and echoed many times down through the centuries.  It is no less true today when applied to a divided America.

America’s house WILL fall : ” … and great will be the fall thereof.”

From a shining city on a hill to a cesspool in a swamp we de-constructed our own dreamland and created, instead — a nightmare landscape.

A nation’s culture reflects the heart, soul, mind, and faith of that nation’s people.  America’s culture has been lost within a maze, a cacophony of cultures, a multitude of cultures, a multicultural miasma, a vapid, noxious, odiferous, maelstrom of all things intensely bad and undesirable.

America is the modern day — Sodom and Gomorrah.   We shall, too, share the fate of that wicked congregation of reprobates.  There is no escape.  We have closed and locked all exits. We have sealed our end.

Yes, I know this is a dark commentary on America’s end.  It was intended thus.   Many who read this will, no doubt, think —  finally, someone is expressing my thoughts, my concerns for my country, my unease about America’s future.  And I sincerely hope that I have.  For we must face our dilemma head on, to cut through the fog of lies and finally see that we are called upon to make a choice between equally unfavorable options. To do nothing is no longer acceptable.

Soon we will be called upon to endeavor a rescue of America. It will be a futile effort. One can only rescue those who wish to be rescued. There will be two fall back positions:  One: — to do nothing,  accept defeat and wash our hands of the whole affair, or two: — fight to establish a NEW America, not rescue the old, for it will be gone.

As far-fetched as all this may seem, I am convinced of its veracity.  As a student of history, the record of humanity’s past serves as a road map to the future. When one looks objectively at that road map, America’s route into the future is plain to see.

The question, then is — will we be up to the challenge.  Frankly, I am not optimistic.

J. D. Longstreet

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