America’s Honor Besmirched, and Wake up Call, History Teaches That Appeasement Assures War

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It has been said that the quickest way to end a war is to surrender.  Obama has found an even quicker way — surrender BEFORE the war!

In numerous articles we have told our readers how the US is living the 1930’s all over again.  Indeed, the world is parroting the foreplay of WW-II as if were a script torn from the pages of one of the bloodiest centuries in human history.

But it’s no play — and if we continue to act out this script we will, inevitably, find ourselves at war beginning on a regional scale then quickly expanding to a global conflagration.

We have to same sort of narcissistic, conceited, elite diplomats and politicians in the same positions of power their forerunners occupied in years immediately leading up to World War Two.

The stage is set, the actors are on their marks, and we wait for the curtain to part and the lights to come up.

Our pitifully naive President and our socially and culturally elite Brahman Secretary of State are walking the US into certain military conflict on a major scale simply because they both are in over their heads.

If we paraphrase Winston Churchill’s objection to the Munich agreement back in  1938 (Remember Chamberlain’s :  “Peace in or time!”):  “Obama had to choose between war and dishonor.  He chose dishonor.  He will have war.”

The threat to the world from Iran equals the threat of Nazi Germany to the world some seventy-five years ago.

Nothing much changes.  Only the players and the backdrops on the stage have changed since. The script remains the same as that which played out three-quarters of a century ago.   Unfortunately, the current crop of leaders of the so-called free world are made of no sterner stuff than were the leaders back then.  The US President has accepted defeat and dishonor at the negotiating table in return for a promise of peace from Iran.  As Churchill said… he shall have war.

Weakness invites war. Perceived weakness also invites war. The very act of SEEKING negotiations with Iran gave rise to a perception of weakness on the part of the United States.   The Persians have been crowing to high heaven of how they have defeated the USA, how the US has surrendered to Iran, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

I have often thought that the current Obama administration does not know  the definition of “honor.”  They sure as heck do not understand the value of a nation’s, a people’s honor.  They continue to bring disrepute upon America’s honor.

Once again, Obama has painted himself into a diplomatic corner.  This time, the only option for escaping that corner is military action against Iran.

The folks on the left side of the political spectrum are infamous for stating:  “Nothing is worse than war” and “War solves nothing.”  They are demonstrably wrong on both counts.

Slavery is worse than war.  As for the latter dictum, this very nation, the United States, was born out of war.

Obama’s deal with Iran is nothing more than appeasement. Appeasement brought the world WW-II and appeasement will bring the world WW-III.

For five years we have suffered the indignity of watching our country deliberately removed from it’s leadership position in the hierarchy of nations and assume the attitude of a third-world banana republic. No enemy did this to us. Our very own leaders did it to us.  The leaders WE elected. That means, gentle reader —  we did it to ourselves!  We bought and under-wrote Obama’s agenda to diminish America and (some have suggested) encourage and aid the spread of Islam around the world.

Our current President is a great talker.  But that is all.  He is not a leader.  And he is certain not a military leader.  Obama has no concept of military power nor how to apply it.  He is one of the world’s worse diplomats and negotiators.  He is “rolled” (or mugged) every time he approaches a negotiating table.  He comes down heavily on our friends and lightly on our enemies.

I simply cannot believe that the Obama Administration is stupid enough to actually believe their recent appeasement of Iran will, in any way, prevent Iran from producing a nuclear weapon.  Iran WILL have a nuclear weapon unless there is military action taken against them devastating enough to slow down, deter, or destroy Iran’s nuclear program.  In any event, Obama has just insured war in the Middle East.

Obama is making exactly the same mistake Chamberlain made in 1938 with his Munich Agreement with Herr Hitler.

Only a fool refuses to learn from the mistakes of the past.

No matter Obama’s concessions to the Iranians, America remains the “Great Satan.”  What in the world would induce Obama and Kerry to even entertain the idea that somehow, someway, Iran will spare America from it’s rage directed at infidels and it’s obsession to create one great caliphate covering the face of the earth?

Obama’s agreement with Iran is the lighted fuse to World War Three.

J. D. Longstreet

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